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MCC offers over 60 chartered clubs and organizations for students to experience. Academic, cultural, recreational, religious, special interest and professional/honor societies give the opportunity to explore your interests, meet people, and develop valuable leadership and organizational skills while you have some fun along the way! If you don't find something to fit your interests, you can always start a new club! Find other students who share your interests, then make an appointment with the Office of Student Life and Leadership Development(3-126). If you need any assistance please e-mail:

Africa United The goal of this club is to unite students of African descent to participate in college activities; to educate the college community about the different African countries and to have African students learn about America and their American sisters and brothers through the MCC Community.  The club’s goal is to establish a relationship with every student on campus in order to learn from each other.

American Sign Language Club (ASL) This club has four distinct purposes in their mission; (a) to learn about the Deaf Culture, (b) involve its members with various activities that the Deaf Culture encounters in the Rochester Community (c) to examine the differences between the Deaf world and the hearing society and (d) to encourage hearing people to get involved in the Deaf culture.

ANIME Club The purpose of this club is to ensure members understand and appreciate the art of Japanese Animation, or ANIME.  Their goal is to meet with other like-minded students who share the interest of ANIME and study animation techniques that are unique to this art form.

Auto Club The purpose of the Auto Club is to familiarize students with the automotive industry and help each student identify their areas of interest in the field. Students discuss, study publications and work on cars as a learning tool to further their knowledge.

B.A.S.I.C. [Brothers and Sisters In the name of Christ] This group is a full gospel student organization that promotes Christian beliefs and offers students the opportunity to explore a mature aspect of Christ.

Biology Club This club explores all aspects of biology and related fields. Students will also learn about biological career paths.

Black Students Union (Brighton Campus) The purpose of this club is to promote awareness and serve as a support system for African American Students on campus. This club provides regular programs and education, cultural awareness and social events that highlight the contributions of Blacks in America.

Black Student Union (Damon Office of Campus Life) The purpose of this club is to represent Black students’ ideologies and experiences around a variety of college related subjects and/or topics.

Cabbages & Kings An award winning organization, Cabbages and Kings is a student run literary magazine publishing and writing entity on campus.  Students write, and publish their art work, poetry pieces and design their own graphics for publication.  

Campus Activities Board (CAB) This student run organization implements some of the largest campus wide events. CAB designs the Homecoming Headliner, Spring Fling, Concerts, Novelties, Breakfast with Santa and more! CAB provides opportunities to work with agents, review contracts, manage a budget and travel. If you want to plan huge events, then CAB has a place for you!

Campus Ambassadors (Brighton Campus) This group provides a Christian Fellowship for a diverse group of students and helps them understand the importance of the Christian church in their lives.  They also provide opportunities for those who are interested in investigating or developing a Christian lifestyle, a comfortable atmosphere for exploring different religious affiliations.

Campus Ambassadors (Damon Office of Campus Life) The purpose of the club is to train and mentor students in the heart of Christ by providing programming and events to the college and Rochester Community.

Celtic Society This club was established to honor and practice the traditions of the Celtics.  This club celebrates the traditions and inspirers awareness of Celtic culture (Scotland, Cornwall, Wales Brittany, Isle of Man, Ireland and Galicia).  Their goal is to educate and celebrate the Celtic arts and culture.

Chemistry Club The purpose of this club to nurture interest and expertise related to educational and vocational areas of chemistry

Chinese Culture Club The purpose of this club is to strengthen its members’ understanding of the Chinese language and culture.  Although understanding the culture is a benefit to joining this club, their main focus is to teach, educate and strengthen students’ skills in the Chinese language.

Cinema Society The purpose of this club is to promote all aspects of cinema through several events, projects, film series and small productions.

Comic Creator Club This club provides a forum for comic creators (artists, writers, and supporters who consider themselves neither but would like to try anyway) to connect, collaborate, self-publish and promote comics together.

Criminal Justice Club (Damon Office of Campus Life) The purpose of this club is to expose members to a wide variety of different fields and careers in the criminal justice field, by hosting speakers and providing field trips to criminal justice affiliated facilities.

Dungeons and Dragons The purpose of this club is to role play and provide a simulation of the ancient lives of dragon slayers of mythical times.  The sword and craft of the role play helps students understand the significance, history and importance of the role play.

Electronic Gaming Society This club’s goal is to attract those interested in electronic entertainment by exploring all avenues of electronic games, and technology. The group also investigates new products and new ideas in the gaming field.

Engineering Leadership Council The goal of this organization is to explore different aspects of engineering fields which include the fields of civil, chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering.  Their goal is to provide lines of communication between students and practicing engineers by means of seminars and field trips.  They assist students in deciding what field of engineering to pursue and what transfer schools are appropriate.  The group also sponsors and participates in design competitions.

Geoscience Association This club exists to further the ideas and aims of geosciences (geology and geography).  Students will learn and gather knowledge of both fields, through programming, field trips and demonstrations from experts in the field.

Global Union International Students’ Association The purpose of this organization is to provide a forum and a place to call home for international students at MCC. Our goal is to promote understanding and goodwill between international students and their American counterparts. Students exchange ideas, provide cultural awareness to the student body, conduct trips to various parts of the United States and plan activities on campus together.

Gospel Choir This club serves a directive to spread the word of God through music. Students get hands-on training in voice with a trained instructor and have the opportunity to plan choir events and demonstrations both on and off campus.

Got Your Six Club This is a veteran’s outreach club that has several purposes.  Their goal is to provide a social support network for all veterans at MCC, distribute information; help veterans (especially older vets) adjust to college, and provide a verbal link where veteran students can find financial aid and services.

Grupo De’ Capoeira This unique club studies and practices the art of ancient Brazilian techniques using dance and simulated karate moves to portray movement, fighting techniques, and dance.  The club encourages self-development, awareness of diverse group dynamics and physical and mental wellbeing.

Health Information Technology Club The purpose of this club is to get interested students involve in promoting health professions and to also promote living a healthier lifestyle.  Students who are majoring in the health field get the opportunity to explore careers in the field.

Health, Physical Education & Wellness Club The purpose of this club is to supplement the knowledge of the members and to further their awareness of physical education and its position in society.  The club strives to create a positive environment for students to educate themselves and their peers in the various areas of health and physical education.  Students will gain a cognitive understanding of their prospective professions and be better prepared for future employment.

Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Project The purpose of this organization is to serve as Monroe Community College’s unique advocate for telling the stories of the Holocaust and other genocides while transforming individuals to become advocates for Human Rights.  We provide programming; events and lectures that help people understand the rights for everyone.

Honorable Women (Damon Office of Campus Life) This club strives to unite women of diversity, empowering one another to become and remain self-sufficient. This club exists to foster healthy inter-personal relationships, while succeeding academically and socially.

Honors Council The mission of the Honors Council is to promote the Honors Program at MCC through involvement with the community and other various programs.  They also encourage other honors students to get more involved with educational activities and programs.

Hospitality Club Acquaints students with the food service and hotel industries, and identifies where a student’s interest might be in the field. Members have an opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences through discussion, study, field trips, menu planning and publication.

Human Services Club (Damon Office of Campus Life) The purpose of this club is to help students recognize human service as a profession with rights and responsibilities.

Indigenous Peoples of Americas The purpose of this club is to inspirer and create a gateway for students who are Native American and/or supporters of the Native American culture at MCC.  This club exists to become a teaching lab to educate the college about the culture, background and history of Native Americans. 

Martial Arts Club The purpose of the MCC Martial Arts club is to promote the study and safe practice of various forms of martial arts, limited only by the knowledge of our members, without sparring, for the purposes of their mental and physical benefits.

Math Club The purpose of the Math Club is to deepen students’ awareness, skills and appreciation of mathematics and its connections to other disciplines.  Our goal is to develop higher levels of mathematical problem solving skills in ways that are fun, interesting and challenging.

Monroe Doctrine Newspaper This organization is a student run newspaper, where students learn the overall workings of a newspaper. Students experience everything from managing a newspaper, editing, copywriting, layout, distribution and photo editing.

Muslim Club Explores the practices of the Muslim Religion and provides the opportunity for students to combine student activities and religious practices at MCC.

Outdoors Activities Unlimited Promotes and organizes outdoor activities throughout the year. Students experience activities such as rock climbing, biking, skiing and ice-skating. Students also get training in wilderness survival.

Philosophy Club The purpose of this club is to foster knowledge and critical thinking in the area of Philosophy.  The goal is to encourage and engage students to analyze issues, foster constructive debates and discussions

Phi-Theta-Kappa This organization recognizes and encourages the academic achievement of two-year college students and to provide opportunities for individual growth and development through participation in scholarship, leadership, service and fellowship activities.

Pool & Billiards This group was formed to bring awareness of the artistry of playing billiards by interacting with students through the game of pool.  Students learn the professional art of precision pool playing by entering tournaments, learning from pool experts and socializing.

Psychology Club The purpose of this club is to promote interest in psychology and related fields, to learn about psychology careers, and to get acquainted with other students with similar interests.

Pride Alliance Pride Alliance is a support group for gay, lesbian and bisexual students on campus. This group acts as an advocate for these students by promoting the awareness of the contributions of the GLTB culture.  We also promote diversity among MCC students, as well as building strong lasting connections with the Gay Alliance of Genesee Valley.

Pride Alliance (Damon Office of Campus Life) Provide a support group for any and all students and also to promote diversity among MCC students.

Radiology ClubThis club’s goal is to help enhance the student’s learning objective by providing an avenue to explore the science of radiology and medical imaging. Students explore career opportunities and knowledge in the field.

S.A.D.H.A. [Student American Dental Hygienists’ Association] Students explore experimentation and receive hands-on experience in the field of dental hygiene. Upon graduating, students earn the right to become a member of the parent association (American Dental Hygienists’ Association).

Sci-Fi Fantasy Club The purpose of this club is to enrich students in the cultural pastime of reading, watching and creating Sci-Fi/Fantasy material to be discussed and analyzed through a variety of activities. 

Spanish Club This club studies the history of the Spanish Language as it is spoken by different Latin American countries. The club expands its knowledge through group interaction, field trips and lectures on the origins and culture of many Latin American groups.

Student Art Organization Students expand their learning abilities and creativity in the field of art. Students have the opportunity to attend special art shows, galleries, films, workshops and listen to speakers who explore different types of art media.

Student Government Association (SGA) (Brighton Campus) The Student Government Association (SGA) promotes the general welfare of the student body, serving as the student’s voice in matters concerning MCC students.  SGA also provides opportunities to participate in planning events on campus and in the community, valuable volunteer opportunities, plus travel and scholarship opportunities.

Student Events & Governance Association (SEGA) (Damon Office of Campus Life) The Student Events and Governance Association (SEGA) serves as the student governing body responsible for addressing student concerns and providing campus life programs. SEGA members plan and implement cultural, educational, social and recreational activities for the Damon City Campus.

Student Music Association Students learn the art of different types of music by learning and experiencing different instruments.  Students have the opportunity to play in a live ensemble while other students experience the joy of singing in the club.

Student Nurses Association Students who are continuing a career in nursing experience the cohesiveness and networking experience by servicing the college and community. Opportunities to assist and mentor incoming nursing students into the program are encouraged.

T.H.E. Club The purpose of THE Club is to hone in on theatre talent and passion for acting.  THE CLUB is a special arena for students to express their talent in theatre productions.

Travel & Tourism Students have the opportunity to learn the basic concepts and standards of the travel and tourism business. Students receive hands-on training in airline reservations, tours and conference planning.

Veterans Club The purpose of the Veterans Club is to be a support system as well as a meeting place for fellow military veterans.  This club will assist each other with positive motivation to achieve personal goals as well as leaving a legacy for fellow veterans to follow. The Veterans Club works to bring about awareness of issues that are facing our Veterans. The club encourages friends and students who wish to help our soldiers to join this great club.

Veterans Club (Damon Office of Campus Life) This club works to inform the student body of past and present veteran issues and concerns.

WMCC Radio- The PULSE! This organization serves as a training mechanism for those who wish to take advantage of the knowledge and experience available in the broadcasting and communication fields.  Students have the opportunity to learn the business side of operating a radio station, become a DJ, produce and explore the advertising end of the radio business.

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