Co-Curricular Advisor

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Congratulations on taking the second step to becoming a club or organization advisor. (Your first step was clicking on this site!) Or, perhaps you already are a faculty or staff advisor and have already participated in one of our workshops or roundtables. Whatever your status, we're glad we can help you succeed in this important job of advising students! You never know how an impression you have on a student today can have a far-reaching impact on his/her success in the future!

Check our our web calendar for the Advisor's Roundtable dates, as well as other "goings on" throughout the year!


Publicity: What Will Draw Them In!
You and your students can plan the best event in the world, but if you don't get the word out, it's all for naught! Our staff experts will introduce you to the publicity policies and procedures, and show you the resources available to your students in the Student Life and Leadership Development Publications Center

  • Stop by by 3-129 for Graphic Services and myMCC (Blackboard) training!

After the Applause... How Did They Pull That Off?? Backwards Programming
Your students come up with a great idea for a program and you want them to be successful but you're not sure exactly how to go about it. The "backwards programming" concept is a sure thing - a comprehensive guide in planning an event from start to finish. We'll show you how to work with your students to ensure success from inception to the actual event.

Green Form? Burgundy Form? Which form should we use???
We all know that there is a form for this and a form for that!! This session will introduce you to all of the forms you and your students will be using throughout the year, when to use them, how to fill them out, and most importantly, why they're necessary!

The Well-Rounded Student - Your Guide to Working with the Life Skills Transcript
The Student Life Transcript is an official record of students' out-of-classroom learning experiences and personal development. Advisors are the key to helping students understand the value of this document and how it works. Using the co-curricular transcript with your officers and club members is a wonderful tool for successful advisement, can enhance your relationships with your students and will provide them with official documentation of their skills and accomplishments for their transfer institution and future employment.

Club Budgets 101 - Understanding Funding
The budgeting process can be a great experience! We'll walk you through the budget process and give you some tips to help you with the process. We'll also be discussing possible funding sources beyond your club's actual budget.

Understanding Our Roles as Advisors
Role model, mentor, teacher, coach are just a few words that describe the effective co-curricular advisor. Whether you're new to co-curricular advising or have been an advisor for some time, we encourage you to join us for this session. We'll discuss the Student Life and Leadership Development's philosophy of co-curricular advisement, the challenges of working with student groups, effective co-curricular advising strategies and resources for advisors.

"Fun"d Raising
The essentials of strong fundraising ideas, strategies and resources will be discussed. We'll help you learn the types of fundraising opportunities available, which are most profitable and how to implement them.

You CAN Get There from Here!
Whether your students are interested in going to Syracuse or Singapore, skiing or to a conference, planning the trip is half the fun! But plan you must! We'll walk you through the process of planning all varieties of trips and answer any questions you may have.

How May We Help You?
Need to know who, what, when, where and how to find just the right person, place or thing you need most? From ideas to cash boxes, learn how the office of Student Life and Leadership Development staff can assist in helping you and the students you advise to be as successful as possible.

Exactly What IS the Student Association??
Have you every wondered just what the Student Association is all about? What is the structure? How does the club I advise fit in? Isn't it the MCC Association? We often get questions about the Student Association and this session will demystify this organization so you can understand what the SA is all about.