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Weather Conditions & College Closing
In evaluating whether to close the college, we take many factors into consideration and consult with a number of people, both affiliated with the college and not. We take into account road conditions, weather forecasts, condition of campus, etc. However, with all that said, conditions throughout our service area vary widely and we encourage students and employees to make their own individual decisions based on conditions where they are.

Safety is everyone’s foremost concern.

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Course # Class DateTimeProfessor Room
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Brighton Campus
ANT101-001Wed, 10/07/201502:00 PMDaniel Tyree12-213
ANT102-001Wed, 10/07/201510:00 AME. Jethro Gaede12-229
ANT102-002Wed, 10/07/201512:00 PMDaniel Tyree11-310
ANT102-003Wed, 10/07/201502:00 PME. Jethro Gaede12-129
ANT105-001Wed, 10/07/201503:30 PMDaniel Tyree11-306
ENG101-002Wed, 10/07/201508:00 AMRafael Akkauy12-105
ENG101-010Wed, 10/07/201508:00 AMJessica Saltzberg6-425
ENG101-013Wed, 10/07/201511:00 AMJessica Saltzberg6-425
ENG101-077Wed, 10/07/201502:00 PMFionnuala Regan6-411
PSY150-001Mon, 10/12/201510:00 AMPatricia Kress6-335
SOC101-006Wed, 10/07/201511:00 AMDaniel Tyree12-229
SOC101-013Wed, 10/07/201502:00 PMSusan Belair6-327
SOC101-018Thu, 10/08/201509:30 AMSusan Belair12-113
SOC101-020Thu, 10/08/201511:00 AMSusan Belair12-113
SOC101-024Thu, 10/08/201502:00 PMSusan Belair9A-105
SOC101-025Thu, 10/08/201503:30 PMSusan Belair9A-105
TRS092-007Thu, 10/08/201509:30 AMKathleen Campbell9-260
TRS092-011Wed, 10/07/201511:00 AMRhonda Everhart9-182
TRS092-019Fri, 10/09/201512:00 PMSharon Campese9-251
TRS200-07Fri, 10/09/201510:00 AMSarah White9-182
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Damon City Campus
HIS111-CC1Thu, 10/08/201511:00 AMRichard Monikowski4151
HUM101-CC3Thu, 10/08/201508:00 AMJoan Mullaney5128