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Weather Conditions & College Closing
In evaluating whether to close the college, we take many factors into consideration and consult with a number of people, both affiliated with the college and not. We take into account road conditions, weather forecasts, condition of campus, etc. However, with all that said, conditions throughout our service area vary widely and we encourage students and employees to make their own individual decisions based on conditions where they are.

Safety is everyone’s foremost concern.

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Course # Class DateTimeProfessor Room
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Brighton Campus
CSC215-105Thu, 10/18/201803:00 PMHarry Payne09-263
CSC215-191Sat, 10/20/201809:00 AMHarry Payne09-263
ENG101-021Mon, 10/15/201809:00 AMYulanda McKinney12-111
ENG101-035Mon, 10/15/201810:00 AMYulanda McKinney12-105
ENG101-067Mon, 10/15/201801:00 PMYulanda McKinney12-109
MUS120-001Mon, 10/15/201801:00 PMJohn Nyerges12-132
MUS131-001Tue, 10/16/201811:00 AMJohn Nyerges12-126
PSY101-001Mon, 10/15/201808:00 AMPatricia Kress8-300
PSY101-004Mon, 10/15/201809:00 AMPatricia Kress6-401
PSY101-012Mon, 10/15/201811:00 AMPatricia Kress5-200
PSY150-001Mon, 10/15/201810:00 AMPatricia Kress11-304
REA100-001Mon, 10/15/201810:00 AMSandra Hilsdorf9-256
REA100-BL1Mon, 10/15/201810:00 AMSandra Hilsdorf9-256
TRS094-001Mon, 10/15/201808:00 AMWayne Uter9-246
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Downtown Campus
HSM103-CC1Mon, 10/22/201807:30 AMPaul CiminelliDC-614
HSM103-CC1Mon, 12/03/201807:30 AMPaul CiminelliDC-614
HSM103-CC1Wed, 12/05/201807:30 AMPaul CiminelliDC-614