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Weather Conditions & College Closing
In evaluating whether to close the college, we take many factors into consideration and consult with a number of people, both affiliated with the college and not. We take into account road conditions, weather forecasts, condition of campus, etc. However, with all that said, conditions throughout our service area vary widely and we encourage students and employees to make their own individual decisions based on conditions where they are.

Safety is everyone’s foremost concern.

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Course # TimeProfessorRoomCampus
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Tue, 03/03/2015
ART118-00312:30 PMDawn Murphy5-100Brighton
ART118-00511:00 AMDawn Murphy5-100Brighton
ART119-00409:30 AMDawn Murphy5-100Brighton
BUS104-02002:00 PMSherry Tshibangu12-125Brighton
BUS135-00209:30 AMSherry Tshibangu12-125Brighton
BUS201-01211:00 AMJoseph McCauley6-421Brighton
BUS201-01312:30 PMJoseph McCauley12-103Brighton
CHE151-48106:00 PMMeghan Rodriguez9-171Brighton
CIS209-18105:30 PMPatrick Miller09-261Brighton
COM115-00109:00 AMJasna Bogdanovska04-103Brighton
COS133-01404:00 PMTanishia Johnson6-403Brighton
ENG101-00409:30 AMYulanda McKinney9-171Brighton
ENG210-00102:00 PMYulanda McKinney12-207Brighton
ENG216-00112:30 PMYulanda McKinney12-105Brighton
MUS122-00212:30 PMDonald Brown12-122Brighton
MUS122-00303:30 PMDonald Brown12-122Brighton
PHL103-18106:00 PMMatthew Hachee5-100Brighton
PHL105-00212:30 PMLynn Bartholome11-304Brighton
PHL109-00111:00 AMLynn Bartholome6-403Brighton
PHO106-18201:00 PMJasna Bogdanovska04-103Brighton
PHO145-00104:00 PMJasna Bogdanovska12-105Brighton
PSY170-00302:00 PMSusan Thompson6-433Brighton
PSY262-00109:30 AMDale Doty6-421Brighton
THE113-00109:30 AMHeather Fox04-141Brighton
THE113-00202:00 PMHeather Fox04-141Brighton
TRS092-00502:00 PMMarcia Fugate11-101Brighton
TRS092-00712:30 PMKathleen Campbell9-134Brighton
TRS094-01112:30 PMMarcia Fugate9-252Brighton
Hide details for [<div style="white-space: nowrap; font-weight: bold; font-size: 14px;">]Thu, 03/05/2015[</div>]
Thu, 03/05/2015
PSY262-00109:30 AMDale Doty6-421Brighton