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12/18/2014Global Education and International Services Newsletter - news, resources, dates, reviews, & favorite links!
12/15/2015Explore the options of COILing your course - Lunch and Learn 12/16
12/07/2015Fulbrights for Faculty: Application Workshop, Today at Noon!
12/06/2016Reminder: Prayer and/or Contemplation Space for Students
12/06/2016Visiting Professor from Cancun, Mexico to speak on Economics, Tourism & Sustainability - Wed 12/7
11/30/2016COIL Meet Up with Mexican Faculty Dr. Christine McCoy
11/30/2016Monroe Community College Emerging Excellence Award (MEEA) and John and Suanne Rouech Excellence Award Recipients
11/25/2015MCC Honored in Trinidad and Tobago
11/19/2015Today's International Ed Week event - Go Global in your Future - Resume Workshop!
11/18/2015The Global Refugee Crisis - Today's International Ed Week lecture by VP of US Committee for Refugees
11/17/2016Calling All Students Interested in Expanding Their Job Prospects!
11/14/2016Prayer and/or Contemplation Space for Students
11/14/2014Flags of the Nations parade kicks off International Education Week!
11/11/2014Dr. Muhammad Shafiq to speak: "Uniting & Dividing: How Religion & Politics are Affecting Events in the Middle East"
11/04/2014Save the Date!  International Education Week Kick-Off with Flags of the Nations Parade
10/27/2015Save the Date: International Education Week Events November 16 - 20!
10/24/2016Fulbrights for Faculty Lunch and Learn at DCC on 10/27
10/18/2016International Education Week & Geography Awareness Week Events in November
10/17/2016World Wednesday Lecture Series:  Prof. Demario Brantley to speak with his Mexican COIL partner
10/13/2015Fulbrights for Faculty Lunch and Learn, Part II - This Wed at 12:00
10/10/2014What in the World is Global Education and International Services?!
09/29/2015COIL Live!  Hear from faculty COILing their courses -  WED 9/30 in the TCC 12-201 Faculty Lunch and Learn
09/21/2015FULBRIGHTS for faculty - THIS WEDNESDAY 9/23 in Room 3-172 @ 12 pm
09/19/2016Faculty Senate Awards Pop Quiz!
09/15/2015Reading and Discussion Series: Gender and Identity Amidst Volatility and Difference in the Muslim World
09/13/2016Global Education and International Services Events for Fall 2016
09/13/2016Pick Up Your Free MCC Global Faces Calendar!
09/10/2015Global Ed's Fall Faculty Development Sessions - COIL & Fulbright
08/22/2016The World Maps Gallery Coming this Fall!
06/04/2015Professional Development Sessions Offered by GEIS
06/04/2015Recent D&C Article Features Faculty Member Angelique Stevens
06/01/2016Fulbright Webinar on "Hidden Gems in the Western Hemisphere" (gems=awards!)
05/28/2015Angelique Stevens to Present at Water for South Sudan Ten-Year Anniversary Celebration
05/25/2016Three Faculty Selected as SUNY COIL Latin America Academy Fellows
05/20/2016Eight staff and faculty present at international COIL conference
05/20/2015Congratulations!  Jasna Bogdanavska awarded SUNY Chancellor's Grant for Innovative Study Abroad!
05/18/2015Missed the Faculty Fulbright informational meeting?  Read on for useful links and information!
05/14/2015Faculty Development Workshop on June 15th - The 21st Century Global Citizen
05/08/2015Call for Papers: Interested in Presenting Your Research in Florence, Italy?
05/05/2016Upcoming COIL Course Orientation - Registration Now Open!
05/04/2015ROOM CHANGE:  Faculty Fulbright Lunch and Learn now is 1-325.
05/03/2016Diane Shoger a Finalist for a Fulbright Award!
04/28/2015Did you miss the COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) Lunch and Learn last week?
04/26/2016Fulbright Visiting Scholar Wen Huei Choi Open Campus Lecture
04/23/2015The 21st Century Global Citizen faculty professional development workshop
04/17/2015REMINDER: April 22nd Faculty Lunch and Learn: Connect your students with their peers in another country
04/14/2016Poetry Reading Events Featuring MCC Professor and Author, Dr. Elizabeth Johnston
04/13/2015Save the Date: Faculty Fulbright Grants Informational Session
04/10/2017Iceland On Location Course student wins ADDY Award
04/08/2016Faculty:  Travel to Mexico with COIL this June!
04/07/2016Poetry Reading Events Featuring MCC Professor and Author, Dr. Elizabeth Johnston
04/07/2016RIT Recruiter on Campus for Their International Studies Program
04/07/2015FACULTY Lunch and Learn:  Connect your students with their peers in another country!
03/27/2017Join April's COIL Meet UP! Session this Wednesday April 5th Featuring Mexican Faculty Partner Ramon Antonio Felix Cuadras
03/21/2017Fulbright Representative to Present Workshop
03/08/2016REMINDER:  Open campus lecture on "Human Rights Crisis in Mexico" by Fulbright Visiting Scholar
03/07/2016Reminder: Fulbright Scholar Shares Advice on Applying for a Fulbright Award
03/02/2016Reminder:  COIL Lunch and Learn Wednesday, March 9th
03/01/2016Two Fulbright Visiting Scholars to Speak at MCC!
02/27/2017Learn more about the Fulbright Scholar Program at these upcoming events
02/27/2015United Nations Interfaith Harmony Faith Fair
02/22/2016Bob Muhlnickel awarded a SUNY Russia Lectureship
02/22/2016Globalize Your Curriculum Faculty Development Series
02/14/2017Today at DCC: Open Forum on President Trump’s Executive Order
02/11/2016Faculty PD Series: Globalizie Your Curriculum
02/11/2015Globalize your Teaching this Summer: Guest Teach in Bogota, Colombia
02/06/2015Globalize your Curriculum this Semester - Access Council on Foreign Relations Conference Calls
02/03/2016Faculty Lunch and Learn - COIL 101: Connect your students to their international peers!
02/03/2016Save the Date(s)!  Check out Global Ed events for Spring 2016
02/02/2017Open Forum on President Trump’s Executive Order, Tuesday, February 7 at 2 p.m.
02/02/2015Quick! Engaging! Relevant!  It's the Global Education and International Services Newsletter!
01/30/2017COIL Meet Up! Sessions for Spring 2017
01/28/2016Global Ed Goes on the Road - Join us at Cornell University's Community College Workshop
01/28/2015Join the U.N. Interfaith Harmony Week Faith Fair 2/2/15
01/27/2015All Invited: Join the Global Learning in the Classroom reading group!
01/23/2017Congratulations to Elizabeth Johnston and Demario Brantley!                                                    
01/14/2016Fulbright Program
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