Human Services

Get the training that human service agencies look for when hiring new employees

Human services professionals serve clients in many kinds of social service organizations and rehabilitation centers, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Nursing homes
  • Probation departments
  • Child protection agencies

With a certificate in human services from Monroe Community College, you’ll gain the knowledge and career-building skills you need for a variety of entry level positions – or advancement in your current one.

Your job title could be:

  • Family support worker
  • Youth worker
  • Social and human service assistant

You’ll learn from dedicated, experienced professors, gain valuable field experience, and take courses based on guidance from local human service agencies.

Discover Your Strengths in Seminars and Human Services Field Work

We designed the human services certificate program for men and women who want to learn the skills and attitudes needed for employment or promotion in a human services organization.

This certificate program requires completion of three seminar courses in human services and the field work that accompanies each of these seminars, plus six credit hours of human services electives.

If you choose to continue your studies, you may apply credits from this program toward an A.A.S. in Human Services, an A.S. in Human Services, or an A.S. in Liberal Arts and Science: General Studies.

With a human services certificate, you could start your career with employers like these:

  • ARC of Monroe
  • Community Place of Greater Rochester
  • Hillside Children’s Center
  • Lifetime Assistance
  • Heritage Christian Services
  • Monroe County Department of Human Service

To find out more about the human services certificate from Monroe Community College, contact the admissions office at or (585) 292-2200.

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School of Community Engagement & DevelopmentThe School of Community Engagement & Development prepares you to serve your community in educational, legal, and social work roles.


Certificate Program

Department:Human Services

School(s): Community Engagement & Development

MCC Program Code: HU02

The Certificate program in Human Services is designed for men and women who want to learn the skills and attitudes that are needed for employment and for upgrading in human service positions, but who do not want to undertake the supporting academic courses required for the college degree.

The Certificate is awarded to people who complete three seminar courses in Human Services and the Field Work that accompanies each of these seminars plus six hours of Human Services electives listed above. Four semesters are required to complete the program.

Certificate holders may go on to earn the A.A.S. Degree in Human Services or the A.S. Degree in Liberal Arts and Science: General Studies by adding to their programs Liberal Arts courses appropriately distributed according to the requirements for the degree they are seeking.

Students must be qualified (by Accuplacer) to take ENG 101 in order to register for HUM 101 and HUM 111. There is an extended option for students taking Transitional Studies courses in reading/writing.
(Housed in the Human Services Department)

Program Learning Outcomes
1) Identify generic helping skills utilized in the Human Services field.
2) Demonstrate as appropriate the helping skills utilized in the Human Services field.
3) Assess when the various applications of the Human Services helping skills are used effectively in an agency setting.
4) Apply good judgment and professionalism as supported in the “Ethical Standards of Human Services Professionals” in areas similar to but not necessarily: basic client rights to privacy, effective treatment, or ethical issues.
5) Document behaviors accurately in cogently written statements.
6) Develop an action-oriented Human Services assessment.
7) Conduct a thorough study of a community agency (including mission statement, agency history, organizational structure, and funding).
8) Define the various roles of a Human Services worker in providing services to clients in community agencies.

Employment Potential
For related jobs: Career Coach
Occupational Resource:

Distribution Requirements

Credit Hours
FIRST SEMESTER: 6 Credit Hours
HUM 101 Introduction to Human Services* AND 4
HUM 111 Field Work In Human Services I*2
HUM 102 Basic Helping Skills** AND 4
HUM 112 Field Work in Human Services II**2
THIRD SEMESTER: 6 Credit Hours
HUM 201 Models of Helping** AND 4
HUM 211 Field Work in Human Services III**2

* A minimum grade of C- or higher is required in All HUM courses to graduate from the program.
**HUM 106, HUM 116 can be substituted for HUM 102, HUM 112 or HUM 201, HUM 211.
***Select 2 of the following electives totaling 6 credits: Any ACD, ECE courses and HUM electives with the exception of HUM 100.