Apprentice Training Automotive: GM ASEP

Start your auto tech career with skills, experience, work connections, and confidence

MCC’s Automotive Training Apprenticeship associate degree program combines classroom instruction with hands-on industry training. A unique opportunity only available through MCC. 

You’ll take regular college courses while employed at a partnering GM dealer, fleet or AC Delco Professional Service Center, and develop the advanced skills and expertise that are in demand in today’s service centers. You’ll graduate with a marketable degree and proven employment record, giving you an inside track on a career in automotive technology.

MCC graduates have taken their skills to rewarding jobs at specialty service centers and major dealerships for Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and more.

Your job title could be:

  • Automotive Specialty Technician
  • Automotive Master Mechanic  
  • General Maintenance and Repair Technician

Learn skills that travel around the corner or across the country

This Automotive Training Apprenticeship degree program was developed in partnership with General Motors.  Classroom and lab instruction at the MCC Applied Technologies Center is combined with work experience at participating GM dealers in the Western New York region.  You’ll gain the skills and knowledge you need to:

  • Service all major systems, including computer technology, electrical components and emissions controls
  • Practice effective communication with customers and other service technicians
    Adhere to current OSHA safety practices
  • Adhere to current OSHA safety practices

Get in touch with Monroe Community College’s admissions office to learn more about the opportunities you can create with an Automotive Training Apprenticeship A.A.S. degree. Contact us at (585) 292-2200 or

The information below includes requirements for all Apprentice Training: Automotive programs. Talk with an advisor about requirements specific to the GM study track.


A.A.S. Degree - Career Program

Department:Applied Technologies

School(s): Applied Sciences & Technologies

MCC Program Code: AT01

This program's design is based on: Traditional MCC General Education

The Associate Degree Automotive Training Apprenticeship program combines on-the-job training with classroom instruction to prepare students for careers as automotive technicians. As the automotive industry advances with sophisticated technology and responds to the needs and demands of consumerism and legislation, employment opportunities will continue to increase for technicians who are highly skilled. Over four to eight semesters, the student will complete an associate degree and work in the industry. The program is demanding, so students must be willing to commit themselves to both work and study. Students will take 22 credit hours of General Studies Courses, plus either the Day or Evening program coursework. (Housed in the Applied Technologies Department)

Program Learning Outcomes
1) Apply mathematical skills as appropriate to fulfill job responsibilities.
2) Demonstrate the use of soft skills necessary for successful employment within the automotive service industry.
3) Communicate effectively in an automotive service setting
4) Demonstrate competency in OSHA safety practices through the successful completion of S/P2’s Pollution and Safety exams.
5) Perform current vehicle engine service to NATEF standards.
6) Perform current vehicle brake service to NATEF standards.
7) Perform current vehicle electrical and electronic systems service to NATEF standards.
8) Perform current vehicle automatic transmission and transaxle service to NATEF standards.
9) Perform current vehicle manual drivetrain and axle systems service to NATEF standards.
10) Perform current vehicle suspension and steering systems service to NATEF standards.
11) Perform current vehicle heating and air conditioning systems service to NATEF standards.
12) Perform current vehicle engine performance systems service to NATEF standards.

Employment Potential
For related jobs: Career Coach
Occupational Resource:

Requirements for Program Entrance
ENG 101 ready and Elementary Algebra with Geometry (or Math 098 currently registered in or higher). Valid driver’s license.

Distribution Requirements

Credit Hours
GM -Automotive Service Educational Program (ASEP)
FIRST SEMESTER: 18 Credit Hours
ATP 101 Introduction to Automotive Technology 5
ATP 102 Electrical/Electronic Systems 1 - Automotive 3
ATP 105 Brakes - Automotive 4.5
ATP 141 Automotive Technology - Co-op I 0.5
ENG 101 College Composition OR
ENG 200 Advanced Composition
SECOND SEMESTER: 16.5 Credit Hours
MTH 104 Intermediate Algebra OR
MTH 135 Introduction to Technical Mathematics* OR
MTH 164 Introduction to Trigonometry AND MTH 165 College Algebra OR
MTH 175 Precalculus Mathematics with Analytic Geometry or higher
PHY 100 Preparatory Physics OR
PHY 131 Applied Physics I or higher
ATP 103 Electrical 2 - Automotive 4
ATP 108 Engine Repair - Automotive 4
ATP 142 Automotive Technology - Co-op II 0.5
SUMMER SEMESTER: 0.5 Credit Hours
ATP 143 Automotive Technology - Co-op III 0.5
Total 0.5
THIRD SEMESTER: 16.5 Credit Hours
ATP 107 Automatic Transmission and Transaxle - Automotive 4
ATP 109 Heating and Air Conditioning - Automotive 3
ATP 144 Automotive Technology - Co-op IV 0.5
ATP 104 Emissions Controls, Computer Fuel Systems 3
FOURTH SEMESTER: 12.5 Credit Hours
ATP 106 Steering and Suspension - Automotive 5
ATP 112 Engine Performance - Automotive 4
ATP 145 Automotive Technology - Co-op V 0.5
TOTAL CREDITS GM -Automotive Service Educational Program (ASEP)64

* Two years of high school Regents algebra are recommended. Students with math deficiencies have to enroll in an extra preparatory math course(s).

General Motors Automotive Service Educational Program - (GM-ASEP): This is a two-year, five-semester program. It alternates college instruction with on-the-job GM dealership training. General Motors and Monroe Community College have joined forces to provide appropriate "high tech" instruction and a cooperative work experience at participating GM dealers in the Western New York region. Identification of a sponsoring dealership is part of the acceptance process in this program. A valid New York State driver's license is required for participation in this program.

Those wishing more information on the programs listed above should contact the Applied Technologies Department at 585-292-3725, or the Admissions Office at 585-292-2000.
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