Agriculture & Life Sciences Institute


Learn a Growing Profession

The Agriculture and Life Sciences Institute advocates on issues relating to land use, offers marketing education and provides academic instruction for existing and future agribusiness professionals, such as farmers, winery operators and employees of companies involved in renewable energy resources, etc. as well as landowners to apply knowledge to their specific area of interest.

Land use advocacy encompasses participatory assistance (on-site, one-on-one education) to farmers, landowners, municipalities and authorities through interpretation of land use policy, comprehensive planning, rules, regulations, laws and ordinances.

Marketing education encompasses a broad spectrum of roles that are geared to helping land owners and farmers realize viability and sustainability of their land or business through effective use of the land or business.

What MCC Offers

Skills training is offered in a variety of ways, including at workshops held at MCC facilities, on-location consultations, Webcast seminars, direct television conferences, and training sessions using other innovative technologies and approaches. Recent high school graduates and others interested in entering the agricultural field may be able to study in traditional degree and certificate programs, credit and noncredit courses.

What We Do

  • Assist town, county and state municipalities in developing and implementing plans to help protect farmland and make operations viable.
  • Provide impetus and assistance for agricultural economic development, including value-added processes and marketing strategies within the Greater Rochester area, with emphasis on Monroe County.
  • Interpret, educate and assist landowners, farmers, and municipal and law enforcement officials on agricultural district laws and agricultural value assessments, such as property tax exemptions, of the New York State Department of Agriculture.
  • Assist first responders on farm security and agro-terrorism concerns, and partner with other MCC divisions, including the Homeland Security Management Institute and the Public Safety Training Facility to provide such assistance and training.

Location & Contacts

Brighton Campus
Building 8, Room 312
M - F  8:45am - 4:45pm
(585) 292-2065