Curriculum Committee

Maintaining a quality curriculum is vital to the success of the college. The Curriculum Committee coordinates faculty involvement in the continual process of reviewing and updating the college's curriculum, mainly by reviewing proposals for course and program changes. If you have any questions about the curriculum proposal process, please feel free to contact us.

Faculty Senate


Membership of this Committee shall be four to seven Senators, one Student representative, and the Vice President of Academic Services or his/her designee with non-voting status. A non-voting Student Representative shall also serve with full responsibility.

Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee 2021-2022

  • Tracey Graney, Chair, Biology
  • Lauren Blew, Business Administration
  • Mary Cameron, Mathematics
  • Sally Dingee, Advisement and Transfer Services
  • Debra Joseph McEwen, Collegiate Sci. and Tech. Entry Program
  • Meryll Pentz, Admissions
  • William Rotenberg, EDIWS

Non-Voting Members

  • Andrew Freeman, Director, Academic Services, Curriculum and Program Development
  • Susan Hall, Assistant Director Curriculum and Assessment
  • Marybeth Donnelly, Coordinator, Curriculum and Program Development