ESOL Student Profile

The MCC ESOL Program serves more than 250 diverse learners from countries around the world. Most are immigrants or refugees from countries such as Afghanistan, Burma, China, Congo, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, India, Iraq, Kenya, Liberia, Nepal, Somalia, Turkey, Ukraine, Somalia, and Sudan. Sometimes as many as 15 different ethnicities and languages are represented in one class.

Students are diverse in every other way as well: age, educational background, and educational goals. Some students come directly from high school; others have been in ESOL programs in the community; and some have studied English in their native countries. There are students who have had professions and wish to update their skills or change careers. Younger students are searching for the career that fits their personalities, talents, and values. Others participate in the program just to enhance their English skills. Whatever the goal, all students want to improve their English and continue on their chosen paths as quickly as possible.