School Transfer

Transferring to Another School from MCC

MCC might just be one step in your academic plan! Many students transfer on to another school to receive a higher degree, or want to return to a previous school after completing studies at MCC. 

  • Apply and earn admission to your new school.  Transfer Services at MCC can help you to research transfer schools with your program of study or in a location you want to go. They can also help you with the application process! 
  • Once you have been accepted and chosen your new school, contact International Services to go over the SEVIS transfer process. Bring your acceptance letter and any SEVIS transfer documents that the new school requires you to complete 
  • International Services at MCC will complete your SEVIS transfer to the new school at the end of your academic term, or at the SEVIS transfer date you request. 
  • You have up to 60 days from the program end date on your Form I-20 to request the SEVIS transfer from MCC. 
  • Following the SEVIS transfer, the new school can issue your new Form I-20. Make sure to inform your new school if you have plans to travel and where to send your new I-20. You will need your new I-20 to re-enter the United States. 

Transferring to MCC from another school

  • Apply for admission to MCC as an international student 
  • After receiving your MCC admission letter, contact your international student advisor at your previous or current school to inform them you wish to transfer 
  • Determine the "release" date when your SEVIS record will be transferred from your current school to MCC.  Complete the SEVIS Transfer-In Form provided by Admissions. 
  • After your SEVIS record is transferred to MCC, the Admissions office will issue your new Form I-20 for MCC as long as we have received all of your financial documents. 
  • Be sure to inform your international student advisor and the Admissions office at MCC if you have any travel or work plans that would impact your transfer procedure or the mailing of your new I-20. 
  • The SEVIS transfer to MCC must take place before your 60-day grace period ends, following the end of your program at your previous school.