Leadership Development


Welcome to Monroe Community College’s leadership development website!

MCC recognizes that our mission is fulfilled by an inspiring community of faculty and staff, so our College is committed to developing, recognizing, and empowering our employees in their work.  Improving organizational culture and investing in the development of our faculty and staff as they serve our students is a clear priority of MCC’s 2017-2021 Strategic Plan. Our leadership development initiatives serve as a catalyst for personal and professional growth, and individual and institutional renewal.  They draw on the wealth of talent and knowledge within MCC, the experience of external experts who share our College’s passion for growing the higher education leadership pipeline, and a shared belief that inclusion, equity, and diversity strengthens our institution.

MCC’s leadership development program is distinctive in providing participants with an immersive experience in each aspect of our College.  Across all divisions, participants have an opportunity to engage in theory and praxis about leadership, strategic decision-making, communication, interpersonal dynamics, cross-cultural understanding, and budget management, among other topics.  They also gain perspective on and insight into trends and changes that impact our College and all colleges today and tomorrow.

At the core of our College’s leadership development programs is an understanding that one of MCC’s greatest strengths is the commitment of our community to student success.  All leaders—whether emerging or experienced—are responsible for creating, sustaining, and advancing a student-ready college.  And, by learning and leading together, we live this responsibility to carry out our shared mission. 

To learn more about MCC’s leadership programs, I invite you to explore this website or reach out to Dr. Joel Frater, Executive Dean, Downtown Campus at jfrater@monroecc.edu  or Dr. Sheila Strong, Executive Assistant to the President at sstrong@monroecc.edu