Mail Services

First Class Mail

Any mailable material may be sent first-class. While first-class is the most expensive (except for Express Mail), it offers the following advantages:

  • Receives handling priority - except for priority and express mail
  • Forwarding and return service provided at no additional charge
  • Sealed against postal inspection
  • Next day delivery within 130-149 zip code area

The following types of mail must be mailed first-class:

  • Bills and letters of account
  • Personal correspondence
  • Contents wholly or partially handwritten or prepared by a mechanical typewriter
  • Certain printed forms - notices, certificates, checks, cancelled checks
  • Any mail sealed against postal inspection

Mail Services contracts with a local mailing service to enable us to provide our customers with discounted rates provided the mail pieces are automation compatible.  Ensure that your department's mail qualifies for automated rates by attending one of our mail preparation workshops.

Standard Mail (A)

Standard Mail (A) is an economical way to distribute information for large mailings (bulk mail). This material usually consists of printed matter, circulars, pamphlets, etc. Standard Mail (A) pieces must weigh less than 16 ounces and be presorted according to the number of pieces to a particular destination.

There are strict guidelines that must be adhered to in preparing bulk mail before delivery to the U.S. Post Office:

  • Contact Mail Services at least 2 weeks in advance to:
    • Discuss mail piece design.
    • Schedule mailing delivery to Post Office.
    • Confirm availability of your postage funds.

  • Mail at least 200 pieces or total weight of the mail must be at least 50 pounds.
  • Clearly print bulk mail indicia on each mail piece.
  • Arrange mailing in strict zip code order.
  • Bundle 10 or more pieces to same 5-digit zip code using 2 rubber bands - one lengthwise and on widthwise. Label the bundle in lower left-hand corner with a red label D (obtain from the Mail Center). Set bundle aside.
  • Bundle 10 or more pieces to same 3-digit zip code prefix using 2 rubber bands - one lengthwise and one widthwise. Label the bundle in lower left-hand corner with a green label 3 (obtain from the Mail Center). Set bundle aside.
  • Bundle 10 or more pieces to same state using 2 rubber bands - one lengthwise and on widthwise. Use a piece of paper to label bundle with state name. Set bundle aside.
  • Bundle remaining pieces using 2 rubber bands.

Please note - funds must be available before your mailing may be delivered to Post Office.

Standard Mail (B)

Mailable material weighing more than 16 ounces per piece that meet all other Standard Mail (A) guidelines may be mailed using Standard Mail (B) rates. This mail falls into three subclasses:

  1. Parcel Post
  2. Bound printed matter
  3. Library mail - an inexpensive rate for mailing materials to an educational, scientific, or cultural institution.


Packages may be mailed from the Mail Center using one of the following three services:

The staff of Mail Services will help choose which service best meets your needs when mailing  packages. The most economical and efficient delivery method based on responses to the following questions will be recommended:

  • When does the package need to reach its destination?
  • Is the package being mailed to a post office box or a street address?
  • What is in the box?
  • What is the value of the contents?
  • Are you requesting weekday or Saturday delivery?

If you have questions on any of the mailing options, we strongly encourage you to contact us at ext. 2269 or stop by the Brighton Mail Center. We want to ensure you fast, efficient service at the lowest possible rate.

Additional Services

  • Preparing a pamphlet, brochure, newsletter, or a booklet to be mailed?
    We'll work with you to ensure your material is mailable at the lowest possible rate.  Let us be your first stop when designing your mail pieces.  Call ext. 2269 to set up an appointment.   
  • Preparing a bulk mailing?
    Call us and we will help you through the sorting steps to assemble your bulk mail to guarantee it qualifies for standard (bulk) mail rates.
  • Sending out a mailing with many inserts into one envelope?
    DXO (a mail processing facility) has automation equipment that will handle this job.  We will serve as the liaison between you and DXO to get an estimated cost on outsourcing this often time consuming task to them.  So before tackling this job by hand, we encourage you to call (585) 292-2269 and let us work with you.
  • Workshops on Mail Preparation
    Approximately once a semester, we will offer a workshop on mail preparation.  This workshop will cover what you need to know to ensure your department's mail reaches its destination - quickly and at the lowest possible cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are individual mailboxes?
    Mailboxes for full-time faculty, part-time faculty, adjuncts, chairs, deans, and academic department staff are permanently relocated to room 1-107. Individual boxes at the Downtown Campus are located in room 104. Because of space limitations, there are no longer personal mailboxes for staff in administrative departments - all mail will be delivered to these departments by the Mail Services staff.
  • What if I have material I would like distributed to the entire college community?
    To distribute material to the entire college community (full and part-time faculty, adjuncts, administration, and staff) you will need approximately 1450 copies:
    • Distribute 400 to full-time faculty and academic staff mailboxes in room 1-107
    • Distribute 400 to adjunct mail folders in room 1-107
    • Leave 450 copies with Mail Services staff to be distributed to administrative offices and ATC
    • Leave 275 copies with the Mail Service staff to be forwarded to the Downtown Campus for distribution       

  • What about faxing?
    A fax machine, (585) 427-2749 is still available in the Mail Center. To send a fax, please fill out and attach to your material a cover sheet available in the Mail Center. Leave your request in the top tray next to the fax machine and a member of the Mail Services staff will send out your fax. Incoming faxes will be delivered to you personal mailbox or to your department office.
  • How are packages handled?
    Incoming packages are delivered directly to your department office. Please bring all outgoing packages to the Mail Center.
  • What is the delivery schedule between the Brighton and Downtown Campuses?
    Mail leaves the Brighton Campus for the Downtown Campus at 11:00 am daily. Mail returning from the Downtown Campus to Brighton will be picked up at Noon. All mail is transported by the Central Receiving Department.
  • How do I mail express/overnight letters and packages?
    All outgoing express/overnight letters and packages must be delivered to the Mail Center with the recipient's address and the value of the contents for insurance purposes by 2:00pm.
  • Where do I leave outgoing mail at the Mail Center?
    All outgoing mail, including interoffice mail, should be placed in the gray collection box located outside the Mail Center at the Brighton Campus. Trays of mail or special mailings should be brought to the service counter inside.  Outgoing mail is picked up once daily in each department at both the Brighton and Downtown Campuses. Outgoing mail leaves the Brighton Mail Center promptly at 3:00pm for the Postal Service.