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Available Workshops

*All workshops can be modified to fit individual needs*

  • Title IX Introduction (1 hour) – participants will learn about the basics of Title IX including the law itself, the history of its application in educational institutions, and how it applies at MCC today.
  • One Love’s Escalation (1.5 hours) – film & guided discussion. The 45-minute film depicts an abusive relationship from its inception to its end. The discussion covers topics from “what is a healthy relationship?” to “how do I get a friend help?
  • One Love’s Behind the Post (50 minutes/1 hour) – film & guided discussion. This workshop has a 7-minute film that shows a couple in an abusive relationship and the impact technology has on that relationship. The discussion focuses on boundaries, healthy relationships, and helping friends in unhealthy/abusive relationships.
  • One Love’s 10 signs (50 minutes/1 hour) – the One Love Foundation has developed 10 signs that a relationship is healthy, and 10 that a relationship is unhealthy. This program explores those signs and asks participants to work together to understand the concepts.
  • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (50 minutes/1 hour) – includes a background on Title VII and Title IX, two laws that prohibit discriminatory activity based on sex/gender. Video examples of sexual harassment proved by RAINN are shown and reporting options are discussed.

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