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College Directory

Engineering Technologies

South Faculty Tower
Brighton Campus
Building: 8, Room: 626
Phone Number: 585-292-2002
Fax Number: 585-292-3879

Web Site: Engineering Technologies

Staff Listing

NamePhone #Email
Hunt, William E., Chairperson585-292-2697
Upson, Holly J., Secretary585-292-2680
Enright, Todd , Technical Assistant585-292-2683
Arrajj, Justin R.
Bonsignore, Frank
Brennan, Thomas
Brightful, Jason R.585-292-2677
Burdick, Nathan
Centola, Michael C.
DiLucia, Pasquale A.
French, Christopher M.
Gerenski, Robert
Gertin, Eric J.
Goff, Eugene F.
Graziano, Gary C.585-292-2699
Haefner, Andrew A.
Hamilton, Nea P.
Hendricks, Richard
Holevinski, Holly A.585-292-2693
Keyes, Thomas C.585-685-6194
Maneti, Jan A.
Marshall, Jeffrey K.
Micali, Ross 585-292-2678
Michels, Jennifer L.
Mohring, David E.
Nelson, Juliann M.
Noonan, Susan M.585-292-2679
Parada, Robert J.
Pietruszka, John W.
Pomerantz, Michael B.585-292-2686
Rogers, William S.
Savich, Gregory R.585-292-2676
Taylor, Andre J.
Trudeau, Terry J.
Vogt, Alexis 585-292-2685
Weinschreider, James R.585-292-2682
Westveer, Kenneth J.
Williams, Mark D.

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