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College Directory

Public Safety

Brighton Campus
Building: 21, Room: 140
Phone Number: 585-292-2900
Fax Number: 585-292-3873

Web Site: Public Safety

Staff Listing

NamePhone #Email
Piro, Christopher J., Interim Chief585-292-2910
Ferguson, Katie L., Asst. Chief585-292-2917
Scipioni, Lori A., Secretary585-292-2902
DiSalvo, Charles S., Coordinator, Strategic Planning585-292-2926
Shaw, Freeman R., PT Investigator585-292-2908
Hillmon, Samuel J., Lieutenant585-292-2929
Sprague, Raymond W., Lieutenant585-292-2903
Giordano, Jeremy J., Sergeant585-292-2916
Iacuzzi, Anthony N., Acting Sergeant585-292-2919
Martinez, Melvin , Acting Sergeant585-292-2904
Roman, Jose M., Sergeant585-685-6114
Rushforth, Chad T., Lieutenant585-292-2901
DeBruycker, Michael R., Peace Officer585-292-2912
Hochreiter, Stefanie L., Peace Officer585-292-2912
Showman, Erich , Peace Officer585-292-2912
Zarcone, Joseph C., Peace Officer585-292-2912
Andrews, Gary V., Guard585-292-2912
Dalessandro, Nicholas R., Guard585-292-2912
DeLaus, Sarah , Guard585-292-2912
Hoffman, Brian A., Guard585-292-2912
Hunt, Patricia J., Guard585-292-2912
Spiotti, William , Guard585-292-2912
Caswell, Christian D., Specialist585-292-3152
Hall, Kevin A., Specialist585-292-2905
Farrow, Michael A., PT Peace Officer585-292-2912
O'Donnell, Steven P., PT Guard585-292-2912
Sault, David , PT Guard585-292-2912
Tatta, James , PT Guard585-292-2912
Hierl, Michael T., Dispatcher585-292-2912
Massey, Tina M., Dispatcher585-292-2912
Mortellaro, Cheryl L., Dispatcher585-292-2912
Asenato, Thomas J., Parking Attendant585-292-2912
Campanis, Alexander N., Customer Services, Parking Services585-292-2925
Ozcelik, Ekrem
Parsons, Patricia D., Parking Attendant585-292-2912
Pisciotta, Kevin M.
Smock, Ashley , Customer Service, Parking Services585-292-2927

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