College Directory

Communications and Network Services

Communications/Theater Building
Brighton Campus
Building: 4, Room: 110
Phone Number: 585-292-3200
Fax Number: 585-292-3880
Web Site: Communications and Network Services

Staff Listing

NamePhone #Email
Clement, James F., Assoc. Director585-292-3291
Brandt, Scott M.585-292-3238
Broberg, Scott J.585-292-3289
Canfield, Colin G.585-292-3203
Childers, Jason A.585-292-3298
Flesch, Sean A.585-292-3299
Frasier, Robert L.585-292-2621
Gallion, Christine 585-292-3297
Gerardi, Joseph R.585-292-3204
Josey, Carman A., Sr. Account Clerk Typist585-292-2074
Latta, Andrew D.585-292-3292
Lederhouse, David D.585-292-3296
Mason, Kyle J.585-292-3206
Mead, Andrew K.585-292-3236
Mendez, Michael A.585-685-6312
Shilo, Paul J.585-292-3288
Simmons, Kevin G.585-292-3235
Smith, Debbie A.585-292-2078
Truman, David W.585-292-3208
Upson, Bradley B.585-292-3287

To make changes, please contact the Communications and Network Services Department.