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Communications & Network Services

student at a computer being helped by a support person


Communications and Network Support (CNS) is responsible for the College's voice, video and data networks. Areas of operation include personal computers, the local area network (LAN), the wide area network (WAN), related network infrastructure, mail services and telecommunications. CNS supports the design, development, installation and maintenance of computerized classrooms, labs, learning centers, telephones and office equipment for all MCC locations.

CNS plays a leadership role in the development of the College's networking, voice and personal computer infrastructure as well as in the delivery of hard copy and e-communications. In the past year, CNS supported over 4,000 PCs including new installations, PC cascades and classroom lab PC networks. CNS played an integral role in the implementation of the network upgrade to 3 Gbps fiber between the Brighton Campus and the Damon City Campus. Infrastructure upgrades have resulted in increased speeds both within campuses and between campuses.

CNS provides comprehensive telecommunication services are provided to the College via CNS. These services include local and long distance, voice mailbox and messaging, telephone service and repairs, internal and external directories, enhanced call processing applications, integrated voice response applications, telephone cost accounting, switchboard services, and cellular phones. Training in the use of these services is also provided.

Mail Services are provided to the College community at each campus location. These services include processing and distribution of inbound, outbound, and interoffice mail and packages as well as general fax services. The implementation of leading-edge technology, such as the Arrival and AccuTrac software systems, assisted with the handling of increasing volumes of mail at each campus location.

Location & Contacts

Brighton Campus
Building 4 - 110
8:45am - 4:45pm
(585) 292-TECH (8324)

Downtown Campus
4th Floor, Room 474
M - F  8:45am – 4:45pm
(585) 292-TECH (8324)