College Directory


R. Thomas Flynn Campus Center
Brighton Campus
Building: 3, Room: 155
Phone Number: 585-292-2043
Fax Number: 585-292-3826
Web Site: Hospitality

Staff Listing

NamePhone #Email
Griffin, Rebecca L., Chairperson585-292-2579
Wolff, Andrea M., Secretary585-292-2542
Chaba, Loretta A.
Doran, Neil
Douglas, Angela 585-292-2580
Frisch, Julianna R.585-292-2109
Haggerty, Nancy L.
Harris, Caterina A.
Hildreth, Danyelle C.
Januzzi, Christopher 585-292-2585
Kralles, John
Lannak, Evelyn 585-292-2583
Lawrence, Andrew M.585-292-2590
Massey, Chiana 585-292-2585
McHugh, Thomas P.
Morris, Karen L.585-292-3282
Muenzer, Paul
Pfuntner, Mark J.
Plouffe, Todd D.
Shutt, Jeffrey H.
Sparkman, LaQuanna S.
Walsh, Peter M.
Weisenreder, Michael R.
Zawiski, Bonnie H.585-292-2043
Zinck, Janet B.585-292-2598
Zinck, Leslie A.

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