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College Directory


North Faculty Tower
Brighton Campus
Building: 5, Room: 414
Phone Number: 585-292-2025
Fax Number: 585-292-3833

Web Site: Psychology

Staff Listing

NamePhone #Email
Horwitz, Rebecca C., Chairperson 585-292-3278
Benedict, Sarah E., Secretary585-292-3334
Baker, Jeffrey S.585-292-3633
Brown, David E.585-292-6609
Ciaccia, Paul J.
Coleman, Renee A.585-292-3228
Crosetti, Laura A.
Deneen, Todd F.
Hunter, Karen V.
Knapp, Andrew 585-292-3258
Kress, Patricia A.585-292-3295
Lazzar, Kimberly
Massachi, Yamit
Massie, Doreen R.
Ofsowitz, Michael S.585-292-3211
Parker, Michelle E.585-685-6217
Robinson, Wayne J.
Salamida, Gregory
Selke, Deborah
Stevenson, Paul E.
Waghorn, Kevin L.
Willard, Wanda A.585-292-3311
Wilson, Mary E.585-292-3273
Wood, Phil A.
Ziarnowski, Anthony P.

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