Service Learning

As sustainability is a topic that is constantly sprouting up in all facets of the modern day professional world, it is increasingly important to develop a detailed understanding of the relationship between sustainable practices and the ever-growing harvest of post-graduation opportunities.

Service-Learning strengthens the relationship between experiential and classroom-based learning by providing students with an opportunity to engage in meaningful service projects that meet community needs and that are directly related to their academic curriculum. Sustainable service-learning projects provide MCC students with vast opportunities for civic engagement through organized service partnerships that endorse and promote sustainability in the community. The projects act as strong resources for sustainable information an job-related experience, and also provide meaningful support to ‘green’ community organizations by fulfilling needs that directly fertilize their short- or long-term sustainable goals. Sustainable service-learning is a fun and rigorous way to further develop an understanding of sustainability, civic engagement, and their relationship to the professional world.

To learn more, please visit the the Service - Learning website.