MCC Scorecard: Data Over Time

This section shares MCC’s graduation, retention, and course completion rates for the past three years.

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Course Completion Rates
FALL 2018 FALL 2017 FALL 2016
66% 70% 65%
The credit hours completed in a term with a "C" or better divided by all course credit hours attempted in the specified term.

Fall-to-Fall Retention Rates
FALL 2017 TO 2018 FALL 2016 TO 2017 FALL 2015 TO 2016
53% 54% 53%
All students enrolled in a fall term excluding graduates and non-matriculated; this produces the cohort that is tracked to the next fall term.

Three-Year Graduation Rates
(2015 COHORT) 2018 (2014 COHORT) 2017 (2013 COHORT) 2016
23% 21% 23%
IPEDS: Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS); First time in-college, full-time degree/certificate-seeking students starting in fall.

Six-Year Graduation Rates
(2012 COHORT) 2018 (2011 COHORT) 2017 (2010 COHORT) 2016
30% 32% 30%
VFA – Main Cohort: Voluntary Framework of Accountability (VFA); All students new to MCC in the fall term who earned a high school diploma or GED.