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Meet Your Peer Navigators!

We want to make your experience at MCC successful and engaging!

We are here to support and encourage you. If you have a question, we can assist you in finding the right answer. Just ask Trib411. That's us!

Have Questions? Ask Trib411 

You can also visit us in the FYE and Orientation Office (3-129), the Admissions Office (1-211), or The Office of Campus Life, Suite 218 at the Downtown Campus.

Over the semester, we present numerous programs: social activities to meet new friends, life skills workshops and more.


Sean Brown is a criminal justice major, an avid fisherman – and a self-described “great listener.” He chose MCC because of its affordability and great learning atmosphere. Sean grew up in Greece and is extremely grateful for his family. His professional goal? “To become a state trooper.”

FUN FACT: Sean is a fan of Nick Tahou’s garbage plate and “Game of Thrones.”

"Find and use the many college resources available to you at MCC.”


Rochester native and communication & media studies major Jacquelyn DiClemente is motivated by, “waking up each day and knowing that everything I do today is shaping my future.” With her sights set on eventually becoming a transformational speaker, Jacquelyn chose MCC because she felt coming here would be an easy transition from high school – one that would better prepare her for transfer to a 4-year school. She has not been disappointed. “MCC is very diverse and welcoming,” she said. “I’ve found that getting involved with on-campus activities has really enhanced my experience – and made me enjoy going to classes.”

FUN FACT: The last text Jacquelyn sent: “Rolling Loud is in Queens! We are there!!!”

“Life is a marathon, not a race. Don’t compare where you are in life to anyone else. Some people go faster than others. Just stay steady and committed to the path you choose! And remember, patience brings blessings.”


The reason Samya Khan decided to begin her college journey at MCC is a practical one. “Because it’s less expensive and can help you figure out what you want to do in the long run.”  The liberal arts/general studies major, who describes herself as “a daredevil,” wants to be a lawyer – specifically, a defense attorney. Her pet peeve is, “when people talk over me.” We’re guessing that doesn’t happen very often.

FUN FACT: Samya can talk with her mouth closed and can stay underwater for 60 seconds or longer.

“Don’t stress if you don’t know what you want your major to be. The staff Is really helpful and you can work through it with your advisor.”


His favorite movie is “Scream” and his favorite TV show is “Dexter.” However, regardless of what’s playing on the big screen, cinema & screen studies major David Caraballo always enjoys going to the movies with his closest friends. While he’s grateful for his friends and family, David admits to one pet peeve. “People giving attitude,” he said.

FUN FACT: If you caught David singing in the car, he’d likely be belting out Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

“Don’t worry and feel embarrassed about seeking help. Everyone was a new student once. We’ve all been there.”


Yosef Elmaleh is a Buffalo native and business administration major with aspirations of owning his own retail business. He chose MCC because it’s inexpensive – in fact, that’s his favorite thing about the College. When asked to describe himself in three words, he picked, “Blunt, athletic and analytical.” According to Yosef, being brutally honest is one of his best qualities.

FUN FACT: Yosef likes to breakdance for fun.

“Go to orientation and take advantage of the free resources offered because other colleges don’t offer these resources for free.”


According to Rochester native and communication & media studies major Kristian Graham, a good college experience depends on three fundamental components: an encouraging environment, a healthy social life and the ability to balance school with other outside forces. Eventually, Kristian would like to start his own multimedia marketing company. For now, he’s learning a lot and enjoying MCC. “It’s a great institution,” he said. “I’ve been able to establish a good solid foothold on what I want for the future – and I’ve been able to meet a variety of amazing people during my time here.”

FUN FACT: Kristian's greatest fear: spiders

“Don’t be too intimidated to socialize.”


Computer science major Saroj Guragain, who grew up in Biratnagar, Nepal, wants to become a networking and communications expert. He decided on MCC because of its “excellent academic platform for students of any background” and its “exceptional faculty members.” Regularly meeting with his professors and advisor keeps him motivated. “Checking in helps a lot,” he said. “It helps me do well academically to have their reassurance that I’m going in the right direction.”

FUN FACTS: Saroj can speak three languages fluently. If he could only eat one meal for the rest of his life it would be Mutton Biryani with yogurt.

“Register your vehicle, get your Photo ID, check your MCC email often, and keep in touch with your advisor to discuss your degree plan.”


Kamren Jackson, a computer science major from Cape Vincent, NY, decided on MCC because it’s one of the top-ranked community colleges in the country. His long term goal is a good paying career – one that will allow him to see his family often. Kamren’s favorite meal is steak with mac and cheese. His favorite local place is a relatively hidden spot by the beach that he and his friends like to frequent.

FUN FACT: He’s afraid of butterflies. 

“Take advantage of all the services – and join a club.”


Sam Lasher, a liberal arts/environmental studies  major, has a goal: to earn a degree in either wildlife science or conservation science at SUNY’s College of Environmental Science & Forestry. Eventually, she’d like to work in the conservation field. She wants to educate people and work hands-on with animals, and is itching to travel outside the U.S.

FUN FACT: Sam loves opossums. She also enjoys watching anime, particularly “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.”

“Get to know your professors first and foremost. They’re the ones who will help you succeed – who will recommend you to other colleges and employers. Be proactive not reactive. Work on assignments early & do your homework every night. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later.”


Jamahl Humbert, who grew up in Brooklyn, is an electrical engineering major whose significant long-term goal is “to be a millionaire.” Motivated by the memory of his grandma, Jamahl tries to emulate the strength she exhibited. “I can’t imagine anything more painful than what she went through,” he said. “But through it all, she managed to keep a smile on her face.” Jamahl’s favorite MCC resource is the tutoring lab, “because I always get free help when I need it.”

FUN FACT: Jamahl used to catch raccoons. These days, he likes to play basketball for fun.

“Try and develop a good relationship with your professors. They’re human.”


The motivation of Tiaujah Robinson to succeed in college is straightforward. “I don’t want my children to grow up in poverty,” she said. Tiaujah, a psychology major and Rochester native, is ultimately headed for law school. These days, she’s taking advantage of MCC’s affordability, free tutoring services and wide variety of college events. And when she’s not on the MCC campus, her favorite place to go is, “any food spot on Joseph Avenue.”

FUN FACT: Her favorite movie is “Dream Girls.” Her favorite TV show is “Blackish.”

“Utilize the resources.”


Jenn Morris, an Avon native and health information technology major, knows that after graduation she’d like to find work as a medical coder in a Rochester hospital. “I had heard that the program was very good – and that it’s one of the closest schools with an accredited program for my major,” she said. When not studying, Jenn enjoys baking, making jewelry and anything art-related.

FUN FACT: Jenn has four cats: Morty, Raimey, Wedge and Syd.

“Work hard on your studies and participate in all the activities you can!”


Former biology major Keysi Morato is changing direction. She’s decided to join MCC’s Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program to pursue her dream of becoming a paramedic. Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Keysi moved to Rochester when she was 10 years old. “I was born in a country that doesn’t have as many opportunities,” she said. “At MCC, I have a chance to open many doors for myself and do anything I set my mind to – that keeps me going.”

FUN FACT: Keysi, who is a certified cosmetologist, loves to create new makeup looks. She also loves to eat crab legs – and sing!

“Always be humble. That’s what’s going to get you by. Never be afraid to ask for help – everyone here wants to see you succeed.”


Nathaniel Sides, who is majoring in heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC), grew up in Greece. His favorite part of college is attending events and getting involved in activities that take place here. Nathaniel, who described himself as “awkward, friendly and mysterious,” claims that his best attribute is “a great sense of humor.” His favorite TV show is “The Office” and favorite book is the Bible.

FUN FACT: Nathaniel doesn’t always sing in the car. But when he does, it’s Rhianna, Beyonce, Alicia Keys or gospel.

“It’s not as bad as you think – just be friendly.”


Kara King, communication/media studies major, grew up in Niagara Falls. She chose MCC because it’s affordable and she knows “a lot of people who have become successful after graduating.” Motivated by her son, Kara is working hard to achieve her goal of launching a career in radio. Her favorite movie is “Black Panther,” favorite TV show is “Empire” and favorite meal is “definitely tacos.”

FUN FACT: Kara’s biggest fear is that she will trip and land on her face.

“There is no such thing as a dumb question. The most successful students are the ones who ask a lot of them.”