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What happens if MCC "closes" due to weather or other emergencies?

Please note: This article was updated on Thursday, January 6.

The following points confirm communications in case MCC needs to cancel classes or close due to hazardous weather conditions or another emergency circumstance (not COVID-related). The points apply for the remainder of the 2021-2022 academic year (i.e., through August 31, 2022).

When MCC “physically closes” in response to an emergency, including hazardous weather conditions:

  • Face-to-face and remote classes are canceled; online classes proceed on schedule. This includes MCC Corporate College/Economic and Workforce Development Center, and the Finger Lakes Workforce Development Center (FWD Center).
    • Accommodating individual online students who may face barriers related to the closing (e.g., an online student faces WiFi or power issue due to weather) will be made at the discretion of individual faculty members. 
  • All virtual and in-person events and meetings at the Applied Technologies Center, Brighton Campus, Downtown Campus, and MCC career-technical sites for that day are canceled.
  • The Public Safety Training Facility remains open at the discretion of Dean Michael Karnes.
  • The Guon Child Care Center may also remain open at the discretion of the MCC Association.
  • Monroe County’s COVID-19 vaccination site at the Downtown Campus and MCC’s COVID-19 Pooled Testing Center are closed.
  • Changes in RTS bus schedules may impact students and employees.

A notification will be sent via the MCC Alert system to your MCC email, posted on the MCC website ( and shared via MCC social media channels. Based on your preferences and contact information maintained within the MCC Alert system, text and phone call notifications may also be sent to your phone(s). Because most weather-related closings occur during early morning hours, phone call notifications are only made after 6:00 a.m. (Update your preferences online.)

Sample MCC Alert messages are included below for your reference.

Thank you for your cooperation. Please send feedback and questions to

Sample MCC Alert:

TEXT: MCC ALERT: MCC is closed today due to weather. In-person classes, events/activities & pooled testing & vax clinic are canceled. MCC will reopen tomorrow.

Subject: MCC Closed Today

MCC ALERT: MCC is closed today from 6:00 am to midnight, due to weather conditions. In-person classes, events, activities, and the MCC COVID-19 pooled testing session and vaccination clinic at the Downtown Campus are canceled.

Courses delivered through Open SUNY will continue as usual and are not impacted by the closure. More details are available here. [LINK]

MCC will reopen tomorrow at 6:00 a.m.

MEDIA: Most news media use automated notification systems and limit messages to a few specific details; therefore, “MCC Closed” or “MCC Classes Canceled” reflect the points covered in this article.

Yule, Rosanna
Government and Community Relations