Internships, Co-ops, Experiential Learning

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Whether your goal is to prepare for a first or second career, it is critical that you enhance three areas simultaneously to maximize your future career opportunities;

  • Continue your education/training
  • Increase your networking/contacts
  • Improve your interpersonal and work-ready skills.

Experiential Learning can help you strengthen and support these three areas.

Get the job you want! Three Keys

  • Your credentials/training make you eligible for various job applicant pools.
  • Your networking/contacts contribute to whether you are actually chosen for an interview. 
  • Finally, your demonstrated work-ready and interpersonal skills, which are often subjectively critiqued in a short window of time, determine whether you win the job over other qualified candidates!


What is Experiential Learning?

Experiential Learning is learning through real world experience.

Increasingly, employers are specifically searching for job applicants who have the credential they seek but, important distinction, can demonstrate strong work-ready and interpersonal skills.

Experiential learning, including; internships, practicums, cooperative education, service learning, field work, civic and community engagement, volunteerism, job shadowing and even informational interviewing, can all help you develop the skills necessary to become a highly sought job applicant.

By taking advantage of experiential learning opportunities while you are at MCC and developing a Career Action Plan, you will maximize your future employment opportunities.