Monroe Community College

Faculty & Staff Details

Chemistry and Geosciences
Monroe Community College
South Faculty Tower
Brighton Campus
Building 8, Room 214
Phone Number: 585-292-2422

E-Mail Address:

Courses Taught:
GEG 100 Physical Geography Lab
GEG 101 Physical Geography Lecture
GEG 215 Geography of Tourism Destinations
GEO 101 Physical Geology
GEO 105 Astronomy
GEO 106 Oceanography
GEO 131 Our Changing Earth
GEO 137 Dangerous Earth
GEO 150 Geology of National Parks

Academic Information:
B.S.; Geology, Colorado State University
M.S., Geology, Arizona State University

Academic Interests:
Minerals and ore deposits, especially in volcanic environments.
Astronomy applied to the search for life on other worlds.

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