News & Events

October 2013

The observatory has been built on the roof of building 8, which will serve students in GEO 105 - Astronomy and GEO 115 - Introductory Astronomy Lab.

MCC has a new weather station and interactive touch screen found on the 3rd floor of building 11. The weather station will serve GEG 100, 101, 104, 252, and 253. Access MCC's weather web online at

September 2012

Students in GEO 195 (new field course) visited the southwest United States, including the Grand Canyon to learn more about the its fascinating geology!

The department has received grant funding to establish MCC’s own observatory. 

A grant has allowed for the purchase of a new weather station, intaractive touch screen, and weather web site. Students in Physical Geography (GEG 100 and 101), Weather and Climate (GEG 104), and anyone interested can access the interactive touch screen on the 3rd floor of building 11 (Brighton campus). The web site will be available soon.