News & Events

October 2013

The observatory has been built on the roof of building 8, which will serve students in GEO 105 - Astronomy and GEO 115 - Introductory Astronomy Lab.

MCC has a new weather station and interactive touch screen found on the 3rd floor of building 11. The weather station will serve GEG 100, 101, 104, 252, and 253. Access MCC's weather web online at

September 2012

Students in GEO 195 (new field course) visited the southwest United States, including the Grand Canyon to learn more about the its fascinating geology!

The department has received grant funding to establish MCC’s own observatory. 

A grant has allowed for the purchase of a new weather station, intaractive touch screen, and weather web site. Students in Physical Geography (GEG 100 and 101), Weather and Climate (GEG 104), and anyone interested can access the interactive touch screen on the 3rd floor of building 11 (Brighton campus). The web site will be available soon.

June 2011


The Chemistry/Geosciences department honored two students for their outstanding achievement in general and organic chemistry. First, Matt Paufve was honored with the 2011 Chemistry Achievement Award in recognition of his performance in general chemistry. Professor Henzel presented Matt with a copy of the 91st edition of the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics. Matt transferred to Hobart and William Smith to study biochemistry.

Second, Peter Thayer was MCC’s recipient of the 2011 Outstanding Achievement in Chemistry Award sponsored by the Rochester Section of the American Chemical Society. One award is presented annually to an individual from each college or university within the six county area of the Rochester Section who demonstrates outstanding academic achievement in chemistry at the undergraduate level. The recipient must be a full-time student expected to complete an undergraduate degree in chemistry or chemical engineering during the calendar year of nomination, as well as have an outstanding academic record of achievement in chemistry, participation in research, and service to the department. Peter met all these criteria. He graduated in June 2011 with an Associate Degree in both Chemistry and Chemical Engineering with a cumulative GPA of 4.0. He also participated in ten weeks of undergraduate research at the University of Rochester, served as president of the Chemistry Club, and worked as a Peer Leader for the organic chemistry classes. Further, Peter was the recipient of a $1,000 Scholars’ Day award for his presentation on his summer research experiences. Peter plans to transfer and major in both Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.

June 2010

Janice Malay Kyle Walker Charles Fennie

Recently, the Chemistry/Geosciences department honored three students for their outstanding achievement in general and organic chemistry. First, Janice Malay (top right) and Kyle Walker (middle) were given the 2010 Chemistry Achievement Award. Professor Henzel presented each with a copy of the 90th edition of the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics. Second, Charles Fennie (bottom right) was selected as the Outstanding Organic Chemistry Student and given “Molecules that Changed the World” by Professor Edelbach.

On May 28, the Chemistry Club (advised by Professors Anderson and Gulde) sponsored a visit by 14 students and faculty to a third grade class at the RSCD School #6. During the outreach, the participants worked one-on-one or with pairs of students on hands-on activities that explored acid-base chemistry concepts. Professor Edelbach reinstated the Chemistry Club in 2003-2004 and at that time began the outreach program to School #6. Over the past 6 years, over 50 students and faculty have enjoyed sharing their love of science to the students in Ms. Meg Ives’ classroom.