All Programs

Program NameDegreeProgram CodeInfo Sheet
Accounting: GeneralA.A.S. AC01 Accounting: General A.A.S. Info Sheet
Addictions CounselingA.S. AS01 Addictions Counseling A.S. Info Sheet
Addictions CounselingCertificate AS02 Addictions Counseling Certificate Info Sheet
Advanced StudiesCertificate ASC1 Advanced Studies Certificate Info Sheet
African-American StudiesA.S. AF01 African-American Studies A.S. Info Sheet
Agriculture And Food StudiesCertificate AG02 Agriculture And Food Studies Certificate Info Sheet
Air Conditioning Technology: Heating And VentilationA.A.S. HV01 Air Conditioning Technology: Heating And Ventilation A.A.S. Info Sheet
Applied Integrated TechnologyA.A.S. AI01 Applied Integrated Technology A.A.S. Info Sheet
Apprentice Training: AutomotiveA.A.S. AT01 Apprentice Training: Automotive A.A.S. Info Sheet
Apprentice Training: Automotive A.A.S. Info Sheet
Apprentice Training: Automotive A.A.S. Info Sheet
Apprentice Training: Automotive - Toyota T-Ten A.A.S. AT10 Apprentice Training: Automotive - Toyota T-Ten  A.A.S. Info Sheet
Apprentice Training: Automotive - Toyota T-TenCertificate AT12 Apprentice Training: Automotive - Toyota T-Ten Certificate Info Sheet
Automotive TechnologyCertificate AT02 Automotive Technology Certificate Info Sheet
BiologyA.S. LSB1 Biology A.S. Info Sheet
BiotechnologyA.A.S. BT01 Biotechnology A.A.S. Info Sheet
Business AdministrationA.S. BU01 Business Administration A.S. Info Sheet
Business: International BusinessA.S. BI01 Business: International Business A.S. Info Sheet
ChemistryA.S. LSC1 Chemistry A.S. Info Sheet
Child Care PractitionerA.A.S. CD01 Child Care Practitioner A.A.S. Info Sheet
Cinema And Screen StudiesA.S. CN01 Cinema And Screen Studies A.S. Info Sheet
Clinical Laboratory TechnicianA.A.S. CL01 Clinical Laboratory Technician A.A.S. Info Sheet
Commercial Art And IllustrationA.S. AD01 Commercial Art And Illustration A.S. Info Sheet
Communication And Media StudiesA.S. CM01 Communication And Media Studies A.S. Info Sheet
Computer Aided Design And DraftingCertificate MT02 Computer Aided Design And Drafting Certificate Info Sheet
Computer Information SystemsA.A.S. CI01 Computer Information Systems A.A.S. Info Sheet
Computer Information SystemsA.S. CI02 Computer Information Systems A.S. Info Sheet
Computer ScienceA.S. CS01 Computer Science A.S. Info Sheet
Computer Systems TechnologyA.A.S. CP01 Computer Systems Technology A.A.S. Info Sheet
Construction TechnologyA.A.S. CT01 Construction Technology A.A.S. Info Sheet
Creative WritingA.A. CW01 Creative Writing A.A. Info Sheet
Criminal JusticeA.S. CJ01 Criminal Justice A.S. Info Sheet
Criminal Justice: Institutional CorrectionsA.A.S. CJ02 Criminal Justice: Institutional Corrections A.A.S. Info Sheet
Criminal Justice: PoliceA.A.S. CJ03 Criminal Justice: Police A.A.S. Info Sheet
Culinary ArtsCertificate HM09 Culinary Arts Certificate Info Sheet
Cybersecurity CertificateCertificate CY02 Cybersecurity Certificate Certificate Info Sheet
Dental AssistingCertificate DA01 Dental Assisting Certificate Info Sheet
Dental Assisting Rapid Track - D.A.R.T.Certificate DA03 Dental Assisting Rapid Track - D.A.R.T. Certificate Info Sheet
Dental HygieneA.A.S. DH01 Dental Hygiene A.A.S. Info Sheet
Direct Disability Support ServicesCertificate DD02 Direct Disability Support Services Certificate Info Sheet
Early CareCertificate EE02 Early Care Certificate Info Sheet
Electrical Engineering Technology - ElectronicsA.A.S. ET01 Electrical Engineering Technology - Electronics A.A.S. Info Sheet
Electronics TechnologyCertificate ETX1 Electronics Technology Certificate Info Sheet
Emergency Medical ServicesCertificate EM02 Emergency Medical Services Certificate Info Sheet
Engineering ScienceA.S. EN01 Engineering Science A.S. Info Sheet
EnglishA.A. EG01 English A.A. Info Sheet
English For Speakers Of Other LanguagesNon-Degree   
Entrepreneurial And Applied Business StudiesA.A.S. EP01 Entrepreneurial And Applied Business Studies A.A.S. Info Sheet
Fine ArtsA.S. FA01 Fine Arts A.S. Info Sheet
Fire Protection TechnologyA.A.S. FR01 Fire Protection Technology A.A.S. Info Sheet
Fire Protection TechnologyA.S. FR03 Fire Protection Technology A.S. Info Sheet
Food ManagementCertificate HM08 Food Management Certificate Info Sheet
Gender And Sexuality StudiesA.S. GE01 Gender And Sexuality Studies A.S. Info Sheet
GeographyA.S. GG01 Geography A.S. Info Sheet
GeologyA.S. GS01 Geology A.S. Info Sheet
Geospatial Information Science And Technology (Gist)Certificate GG02 Geospatial Information Science And Technology (Gist) Certificate Info Sheet
Global StudiesA.S. GL01 Global Studies A.S. Info Sheet
Golf ManagementCertificate HM13 Golf Management Certificate Info Sheet
Graphic DesignA.A.S. VC01 Graphic Design A.A.S. Info Sheet
Health Information Technology/Medical RecordsA.A.S. HI01 Health Information Technology/Medical Records A.A.S. Info Sheet
Health StudiesA.S. HS01 Health Studies A.S. Info Sheet
Heating, Ventilating, Air ConditioningCertificate HV02 Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning Certificate Info Sheet
Homeland SecurityA.S. EM06 Homeland Security A.S. Info Sheet
Homeland SecurityCertificate EM04 Homeland Security Certificate Info Sheet
Hospitality ManagementA.A.S. HM01 Hospitality Management A.A.S. Info Sheet
Hotel ManagementCertificate HM10 Hotel Management Certificate Info Sheet
Human ServicesA.A.S. HU01 Human Services A.A.S. Info Sheet
Human ServicesA.S. HU10 Human Services A.S. Info Sheet
Human ServicesCertificate HU02 Human Services Certificate Info Sheet
Individual StudiesA.S. IS01  
Information And Network TechnologyA.A.S. IN01 Information And Network Technology A.A.S. Info Sheet
Information TechnologyA.S. IT01 Information Technology A.S. Info Sheet
Interior DesignA.A.S. ID01 Interior Design A.A.S. Info Sheet
Law EnforcementCertificate LE02  
Liberal Arts And Sciences: Adolescence Education (Teacher Education Transfer)A.A. EA01 Liberal Arts And Sciences: Adolescence Education (Teacher Education Transfer) A.A. Info Sheet
Liberal Arts And Sciences: Childhood Education (Teacher Education Transfer)A.A. EC01 Liberal Arts And Sciences: Childhood Education (Teacher Education Transfer) A.A. Info Sheet
Liberal Arts And Sciences: Early Childhood Education (Teacher Education Transfer)A.A. EE01 Liberal Arts And Sciences: Early Childhood Education (Teacher Education Transfer) A.A. Info Sheet
Liberal Arts And Sciences: General StudiesA.S. LA04 Liberal Arts And Sciences: General Studies A.S. Info Sheet
Liberal Arts And Sciences: General Studies A.S. Info Sheet
Liberal Arts And Sciences: General Studies A.S. Info Sheet
Liberal Arts And Sciences: General Studies A.S. Info Sheet
Liberal Arts And Sciences: General Studies A.S. Info Sheet
Liberal Arts And Sciences: General Studies A.S. Info Sheet
Liberal Arts And Sciences: General Studies A.S. Info Sheet
Liberal Arts And Sciences: ScienceA.S. LS01 Liberal Arts And Sciences: Science A.S. Info Sheet
Liberal Arts And Sciences: Transfer Programs-General Studies   
Liberal Arts And Sciences: Transfer Programs - Science   
MathematicsA.S. MC02 Mathematics A.S. Info Sheet
MathematicsCertificate MC01 Mathematics Certificate Info Sheet
Mechanical TechnologyA.A.S. MT01 Mechanical Technology A.A.S. Info Sheet
MechatronicsCertificate AI02 Mechatronics Certificate Info Sheet
Music PerformanceA.S. MU01 Music Performance A.S. Info Sheet
NursingA.A.S. NU01 Nursing A.A.S. Info Sheet
Office Technology - Office Administrative AssistantA.A.S. OF02 Office Technology - Office Administrative Assistant A.A.S. Info Sheet
Office Technology: Medical Office AssistantCertificate OF06 Office Technology: Medical Office Assistant Certificate Info Sheet
Optical Systems TechnologyA.A.S. OT01 Optical Systems Technology A.A.S. Info Sheet
Optical Systems TechnologyCertificate OT02 Optical Systems Technology Certificate Info Sheet
Paralegal StudiesCertificate PL01 Paralegal Studies Certificate Info Sheet
ParamedicA.A.S. EM01 Paramedic A.A.S. Info Sheet
Paramedic CertificateCertificate EM05 Paramedic Certificate Certificate Info Sheet
Personal Trainer/Fitness InstructorCertificate PE02 Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor Certificate Info Sheet
PhilosophyA.A. PH01 Philosophy A.A. Info Sheet
Photography/Television/Video Production A.A.S. VC02 Photography/Television/Video Production  A.A.S. Info Sheet
Physical Education And Exercise ScienceA.S. PE01 Physical Education And Exercise Science A.S. Info Sheet
PhysicsA.S. PY01  Physics A.S. Info Sheet
Precision MachiningA.A.S. PM01 Precision Machining A.A.S. Info Sheet
Precision MachiningCertificate PM02 Precision Machining Certificate Info Sheet
Precision Machining - Optical FabricationCertificate PM04 Precision Machining - Optical Fabrication Certificate Info Sheet
Private Security StudiesCertificate PV01 Private Security Studies Certificate Info Sheet
PsychologyA.S. PC01 Psychology A.S. Info Sheet
Public Safety CommunicationsA.A.S. PS01  
Radiologic TechnologyA.A.S. RA01 Radiologic Technology A.A.S. Info Sheet
Small Business ManagementCertificate BS02 Small Business Management Certificate Info Sheet
Solar Thermal TechnologyCertificate ST02 Solar Thermal Technology Certificate Info Sheet
Sport ManagementA.S. SM01 Sport Management A.S. Info Sheet
Surgical TechnologyA.A.S. SG01 Surgical Technology A.A.S. Info Sheet
SustainabilityCertificate SC01 Sustainability Certificate Info Sheet
Sustainability StudiesA.S. SC02 Sustainability Studies A.S. Info Sheet
Teaching Assistant: AdolescenceCertificate TA02 Teaching Assistant:  Adolescence Certificate Info Sheet
Teaching Assistant: Early Childhood/ChildhoodCertificate TA03 Teaching Assistant:  Early Childhood/Childhood Certificate Info Sheet
Teaching Assistant: TechnologyCertificate TA04 Teaching Assistant:  Technology Certificate Info Sheet
Theatre ArtsA.S. TH01 Theatre Arts A.S. Info Sheet
Transitional StudiesNon-Degree   
Travel And TourismCertificate HM11 Travel And Tourism Certificate Info Sheet
Urban StudiesA.S. UR01 Urban Studies A.S. Info Sheet
Wellness Coaching And Health ManagementA.S. WC01 Wellness Coaching And Health Management A.S. Info Sheet