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Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">AAD - Applied Art and Design</div>]
AAD - Applied Art and Design
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ACC - Accounting</div>]
ACC - Accounting
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ACD - Alcohol/Chemical Dependency</div>]
ACD - Alcohol/Chemical Dependency
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">AGS - Agricultural Studies</div>]
AGS - Agricultural Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ANT - Anthropology</div>]
ANT - Anthropology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ARA - Arabic/Foreign Language</div>]
ARA - Arabic/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ART - Art</div>]
ART - Art
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ASL - American Sign Language/Foreign Language</div>]
ASL - American Sign Language/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ATP - Automotive Technology</div>]
ATP - Automotive Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">BIO - Biology</div>]
BIO - Biology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">BUS - Business</div>]
BUS - Business
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CDL - Interdisciplinary</div>]
CDL - Interdisciplinary
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CE - Cooperative Education</div>]
CE - Cooperative Education
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CE  - Hospitality</div>]
CE - Hospitality
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CE  - Interior Design</div>]
CE - Interior Design
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CE  - Office Technology</div>]
CE - Office Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CEL - Leadership</div>]
CEL - Leadership
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CHE - Chemistry</div>]
CHE - Chemistry
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CHI - Chinese/Foreign Language</div>]
CHI - Chinese/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CIN - Cinema Studies</div>]
CIN - Cinema Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">Cinema Studies</div>]
Cinema Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CIS - Computer Information Systems</div>]
CIS - Computer Information Systems
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CIT - Civil and Construction Technology</div>]
CIT - Civil and Construction Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CLT - Clinical Laboratory Technician/Medical Laboratory Technician</div>]
CLT - Clinical Laboratory Technician/Medical Laboratory Technician
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">COM - Communication</div>]
COM - Communication
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">COS - College Success</div>]
COS - College Success
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CPT - Computer Technology</div>]
CPT - Computer Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CRC - Computer Related Curricula</div>]
CRC - Computer Related Curricula
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CRJ - Criminal Justice</div>]
CRJ - Criminal Justice
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">CSC - Computer Science</div>]
CSC - Computer Science
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">DAS - Dental Assisting</div>]
DAS - Dental Assisting
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">DEN - Dental Hygiene</div>]
DEN - Dental Hygiene
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">EBL - Experiential and Adult Learning</div>]
EBL - Experiential and Adult Learning
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ECE - Education and Early Care</div>]
ECE - Education and Early Care
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ECO - Economics</div>]
ECO - Economics
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">EDU - Education</div>]
EDU - Education
Hide details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ELT - Electrical Engineering Technology/Electronics</div>]
ELT - Electrical Engineering Technology/Electronics
ELT 101 - Electric Circuit Analysis I
First course in a two-semester algebra-based electric circuit analysis sequence for majors in Electrical Technology, and others interested in a course of this level. Topics include voltage, current, resistance, Ohm's law, resistor combination, Kirchoff's laws, power, source conversion, capacitance, superposition, mesh and nodal analysis, Thevenin's and Norton's theorems. Computer analysis of DC circuits introduced. Concurrent lab applies classroom theory, teaches use of multimeters and power supplies, and introduces the oscilloscope, breadboarding, schematic reading and troubleshooting. Two class hours, four laboratory hours, one conference hour. A scientific calculator is required. Contact the department for details. 4 Credits.

Prerequisite: Three years high school math or MTH 135 or MTH 098/104/164.
ELT 102 - Electric Circuit Analysis II
Continuation of ELT 101 into AC circuit analysis using complex numbers and phasors. Topics include: magnetism, inductance, reactance, impedance, power, resonance, filters, Fourier series, transformers and dependent sources. Includes network analysis using Thevenin, Norton, mesh, and nodal techniques. Computer analysis of AC circuits is introduced. Concurrent lab applies theory and develops competence in measuring voltage, current, time, frequency, phase, and frequency response, using the dual-trace oscilloscope, multimeters, and swept frequency function generator. Construction project is a power supply which is used to introduce rectifiers, filters, regulation and ripple. Three class hours, four laboratory hours, one conference hour. A specific programmable scientific calculator is required. Contact Department for details. 5 Credits.

Prerequisites: ELT 101 or ELT 121 required; MTH 140 or MTH 135 or MTH 164 or some trigonometry background recommended.
ELT 111 - Introduction to Digital Electronics
Covers a wide range of introductory skills and techniques required by an electronic technician. Topics include AND, OR, NAND, NOR, NOT logic functions and integrated circuits, Boolean Algebra, number systems, flip-flops and simple applications. Two class hours, three laboratory hours. 3 Credits.

Prerequisite: Level 6 Math placement or MTH 098 with a grade of C or higher or equivalent
ELT 112 - Linear Circuits
Covers a wide range of introductory skills and techniques required by an electronic technician. Topics include semiconductor physics, general purpose and zener diodes, linear power supplies, transistors, transistor amplifiers, and basic operational amplifiers. Three class hours, four laboratory hours. 5 Credits.

Prerequisite(s): ELT 111 with a grade of C- or better (required) and ELT 102 (taken concurrently or previously completed); TEK 101 (recommended).
ELT 121 - AC/DC Circuit Analysis
A one-semester algebra-based electric circuit analysis course for majors mainly in Electrical Engineering Technology, Mechanical Technology and Optical Technology, as well as others requiring an introduction to both DC and AC signal driven circuit analysis of series, parallel and series parallel resistive circuits and series RC circuits. Topics include: voltage, current, resistance, conductance, Ohm's law, Kirchoff's Voltage and Current laws, voltage and current dividers equations, power, capacitance, a brief introduction to inductance, RC time constant circuits, capacitive reactance and impedance, superposition, Thevenin, Norton, Theorems, computer analysis, and an introduction to troubleshooting. Lab teaches use of digital multimeters, analog VOM, power supplies, dual-trace oscilloscope, function generators, and an introduction to computer generated circuit analysis using Multisim, the concept of circuit loading and meter frequency limitations. Three class hours, four laboratory hours. 4 Credits.

Prerequisite: High school algebra with some trigonometry or MTH 135. NOTE: Students with no trigonometry should consider taking MTH 164 concurrently.
ELT 130 - System Electricity
This course introduces students to basic principles of electricity with an emphasis on their use in technical applications. While learning basic theorems of electricity and completing problem solving exercises, students are required to build and test a simple robotic car that uses electric circuits in its operating functions. Two class hours, two laboratory hours. 3 Credits.

Prerequisite/corequisite: MTH 104 or MTH 135 or permission of department.
ELT 170 - Printed Circuit Layout and Fabrication
Students will be introduced to the techniques of fabrication of a printed circuit board. This includes the design of a printed circuit artwork pattern, the process of layout of an artwork positive on acetate, the making of a negative film of the positive artwork using a photographic process, and the fabrication of the printed circuit board from a copper clad board using photo-resist developing, and an etching process. Each student actually will go through these steps and build a small electronic circuit. One class hour, two laboratory hours. 2 Credits.

Prerequisite: A general knowledge of electricity and electronics.
ELT 201 - Linear Systems
A study of linear amplifier and power supply circuits. Course topics include small-signal and power amplifiers using bipolar and field effect transistors. Frequency response of amplifiers, op amps, and applications of op amps. Negative feedback principles. Students build, test and troubleshoot amplifier circuits in the laboratory. Computer analysis of multi-stage amplifier circuits. Three class hours, four laboratory hours. 4 Credits.

Prerequisites: ELT 102 and ELT 112 with a grade of C- or better.
ELT 202 - Pulse and Digital Circuits
This course covers pulse waveforms, linear circuit responses and switching circuit analysis, pulse-shaping and pulse-generating circuits, flip-flops, one-shots, registers and counters. Different IC logic family characteristics (TTL, NMOS, ECL, CMOS, LVT) will be analyzed and compared. An integral study and analysis of the circuits used when interfacing the different types of IC logic families will be covered. There will be an in-depth analysis and practical applications of the various digital number systems and codes. Arithmetic manipulation of signed and unsigned binary numbers will be also covered. An introduction to the 8-bit microcomputer architecture will be presented. The student will perform computer analysis of digital circuits using the “Electronics Workbench Multisim” software. By means of a Capstone design project, this course offers an integrated learning experience that was designed to give the students a hands-on, real world engineering problem solving experience. Students will design, build, troubleshoot, demonstrate and present a digital capstone design project. Several laboratory experiments throughout the semester will require formal written reports. Three class hours, four laboratory hours. 4 Credits.

Prerequisites: ELT 102 and ELT 112 with a grade of C- or better, or permission of department.
ELT 204 - Industrial Electronics and Control
A survey of electrical and electronic applications in industrial settings. Topics include a brief physics and mathematics review, operational amplifiers, sensors and transducers, first and second order systems, electromagnetic radiation principles, DC and AC motors and generators, stepper motors, electronic switching devices (field-effect transistors, unijunction transistors, silicon controlled rectifiers and TRIACS), and applications in motor speed control, sequential process control, and programmable controllers. Computer data acquisition and control. Three class hours, three laboratory hours. 4 Credits.

Prerequisites: ELT 201 and 202 with a grade of C- or better, or permission of department.
ELT 205 - Communication Systems
An introduction to radio communication theory. Topics include Barkhausen criteria for oscillation, tuned amplifiers, rf amplifiers, transmission line effects, matching techniques using the Smith chart, spectral analysis using the Fourier series, signal/noise and noise figure calculations, non-linear mixing of rf signals, transmitter and receiver designs using amplitude, frequency and single-sideband techniques, superheterodyne principles, spectral analysis of FM systems using the Bessel function, modulators, detectors, stereo techniques, video principles, digital/data communication techniques, modems, networks, and fiber-optic systems. In the laboratory, students build, test, and measure the performance of communication circuits/systems using an assortment of popular devices such as the 3N211, 3080, 565, 1496 lumped-oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, rf voltmeter, DMM, and service monitor. The compute is used to emulate, analyze, and collect data for communication circuits and systems. Through the use of Mathcad basic communication theorems are proven on the computer. Three class hours, five laboratory hours. 5 Credits.

Prerequisite: ELT 201 with a grade of C- or better, or permission of department chairperson. NOTE: In addition to prerequisite, ELT 202 is recommended.
ELT 206 - Digital Systems and Microprocessors
A study of digital systems and the building blocks that make up digital systems. The emphasis will be on microprocessor-based systems hardware, programming and interfacing. The major topics include arithmetic circuits, multiplexers, demultiplexers, decoders, encoders, tri-state bus devices, DACs and ADCs, memory devices (SRAM, DRAM, Flash, PLD's, ROM), microprocessor architecture, microcomputer architecture, I/O modes and interfacing, digital communication standards. The student will learn to program an 8-bit microprocessor (MC68HC11) in assembly language, and will develop the hardware and software for microprocessor-controlled applications. The student will be introduced to a 16-bit microprocessor (MC68000). Major differences between 8-bit and 16-bit microprocessors will be discussed. The lab portion of the course will concentrate on building, testing, and troubleshooting of digital systems including MC68HC11 and MC68000 based microcomputer systems, using oscilloscope, logic analyzer, signature analyzer and computer. Three class hours, five laboratory hours. 5 Credits.

Prerequisite: ELT 202 with a grade of C- or better, or permission of department.
ELT 232 - System Electronics
This course introduces students to the use of analog and digital electronics in the control of electrical and nonelectrical processes. Students are introduced to the use of sensors, actuators, and control circuitry along with the use of micro-controllers in controlling various processes. Three class hours, two laboratory hours. 4 Credits.

Prerequisite: ELT 130 or PHY 231 or ELT 121.
ELT 290 - Independent Study
See the Department Chairperson. Variable Credit.
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EMS - Emergency Medical Services
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ENG - English Literature</div>]
ENG - English Literature
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ENG - English Writing</div>]
ENG - English Writing
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ENR - Engineering Science</div>]
ENR - Engineering Science
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ESL - English For Speakers Of Other Languages (ESOL)</div>]
ESL - English For Speakers Of Other Languages (ESOL)
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">FPT - Fire Protection Technology</div>]
FPT - Fire Protection Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">FRE - French/Foreign Language</div>]
FRE - French/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">FSA - Food Service Administration</div>]
FSA - Food Service Administration
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">GEG - Geography</div>]
GEG - Geography
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">GEO - Geology</div>]
GEO - Geology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">GER - German/Foreign Language</div>]
GER - German/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">GLF - Golf Management</div>]
GLF - Golf Management
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HBR - Hebrew/Foreign Language</div>]
HBR - Hebrew/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HED - Health Education</div>]
HED - Health Education
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HEG - Health Education</div>]
HEG - Health Education
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HIM - Health Information Technology</div>]
HIM - Health Information Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HIS - History</div>]
HIS - History
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HMN - Honors Studies</div>]
HMN - Honors Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HMN - Humanities</div>]
HMN - Humanities
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HON - Honors Studies</div>]
HON - Honors Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">Honors Studies</div>]
Honors Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HPR - Health Professions</div>]
HPR - Health Professions
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HSM - Homeland Security Administration</div>]
HSM - Homeland Security Administration
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HSP - Hospitality</div>]
HSP - Hospitality
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HTL - Hotel Technology</div>]
HTL - Hotel Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HUM - Human Services</div>]
HUM - Human Services
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">HVA - Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning</div>]
HVA - Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">IDC - Honors Studies</div>]
IDC - Honors Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">IDE - Interior Design</div>]
IDE - Interior Design
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">INT - Industrial Instrumentation Technology</div>]
INT - Industrial Instrumentation Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">ITA - Italian/Foreign Language</div>]
ITA - Italian/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">JPN - Japanese/Foreign Language</div>]
JPN - Japanese/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">LAW - Law</div>]
LAW - Law
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">LDS - Leadership</div>]
LDS - Leadership
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">MAR - Marketing</div>]
MAR - Marketing
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">MET - Mechanical Technology</div>]
MET - Mechanical Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">MFG - Manufacturing Technology: Automation / Robotics</div>]
MFG - Manufacturing Technology: Automation / Robotics
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">MTH - Mathematics</div>]
MTH - Mathematics
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">MUS - Music</div>]
MUS - Music
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">NUR - Nursing</div>]
NUR - Nursing
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">OFT - Office Technology</div>]
OFT - Office Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">OPT - Optical Systems Technology</div>]
OPT - Optical Systems Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PE  - Physical Education--Coed</div>]
PE - Physical Education--Coed
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PEC - Physical Education--Coed</div>]
PEC - Physical Education--Coed
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PEJ - Physical Education-Criminal Justice</div>]
PEJ - Physical Education-Criminal Justice
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PEM - Physical Education--Men</div>]
PEM - Physical Education--Men
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PEW - Physical Education-Women</div>]
PEW - Physical Education-Women
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PHL - Philosophy</div>]
PHL - Philosophy
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PHO - Photography</div>]
PHO - Photography
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PHY - Physics</div>]
PHY - Physics
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PLA - Plastics Technology</div>]
PLA - Plastics Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PLE - Police: Law Enforcement</div>]
PLE - Police: Law Enforcement
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PLS - Paralegal Studies</div>]
PLS - Paralegal Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">POR - Portuguese/Foreign Language</div>]
POR - Portuguese/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">POS - Political Science</div>]
POS - Political Science
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PPE - Physical Studies/Physical Education</div>]
PPE - Physical Studies/Physical Education
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PS - Public Safety Training</div>]
PS - Public Safety Training
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PSC - Public Safety Training</div>]
PSC - Public Safety Training
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PST - Public Safety Training</div>]
PST - Public Safety Training
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">PSY - Psychology</div>]
PSY - Psychology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">Public Speaking</div>]
Public Speaking
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">QCT - Quality Control Technology</div>]
QCT - Quality Control Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">REA - Reading</div>]
REA - Reading
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SBS - Honors Studies</div>]
SBS - Honors Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SBS - Social & Behavioral Sciences</div>]
SBS - Social & Behavioral Sciences
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SCI - Honors Studies</div>]
SCI - Honors Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SCI - Science</div>]
SCI - Science
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SCR - Computer Security</div>]
SCR - Computer Security
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SGT - Surgical Technology</div>]
SGT - Surgical Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SMT - Sports Management</div>]
SMT - Sports Management
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SOC - Sociology</div>]
SOC - Sociology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SPA - Spanish/Foreign Language</div>]
SPA - Spanish/Foreign Language
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SPC - Speech Communication</div>]
SPC - Speech Communication
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">STT - Solar Thermal Technology</div>]
STT - Solar Thermal Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SUS - Sustainability Studies</div>]
SUS - Sustainability Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">SVL - Service Learning</div>]
SVL - Service Learning
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">TAM - Tooling and Machining</div>]
TAM - Tooling and Machining
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">TEK - Technology</div>]
TEK - Technology
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">THE - Theatre</div>]
THE - Theatre
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">TLC - Telecommunications</div>]
TLC - Telecommunications
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">TRS - Transitional Studies</div>]
TRS - Transitional Studies
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">TVL - Travel And Tourism</div>]
TVL - Travel And Tourism
Show details for [<div class="Course_Table_Content">XRT - Radiologic Technology</div>]
XRT - Radiologic Technology