Course Descriptions

FSA 117 - Basic Consumer Nutrition

3 Credits

A lecture course that will present information on nutrients and their use by the body. Topics include digestion, usage of nutrients, consequences of nutrient deficiencies or excesses, energy production and analysis of individual diets. Current research is integrated into the course. Depending on program requirements, this course can meet both Food Service (FSA 117) or Natural Science (BIO 117) elective or course requirement. A student may earn credit for BIO 117 or FSA 117, but cannot earn credit for both courses because they are equivalent courses. This course fulfills the MCC requirement for a natural science elective. Three class hours.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Assess the physiological, social, psychological, and cultural factors which influence food choices throughout the life cycle.
2. Discuss the function of nutrients and their effect on growth, development, and health.
3. Evaluate current nutrition issues from a scientific perspective to distinguish fact from fallacy.
4. Discuss how percentage of lean body mass and body fat are determined and evaluate the results based on a set of standards.
5. Calculate approximate energy expenditure and evaluate energy expenditure in terms of body weight and food consumption.
6. Critically analyze current food intake and develop a personal diet plan based on recommendations from scientific, health-related organizations.
7. Identify essential food safety principles for preventing food borne illness.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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