Course Descriptions

SOC 204 - Sociology of the Family - WR

3 Credits

A sociological analysis of the family as a social institution: its origin, structure and variations; and patterns of intimate relationships. Examines family organization and disorganization through analysis of mate selection, sexuality, gender and family roles, marriage and divorce, parenthood, and the diversity of family composition. Investigates key concerns for contemporary American families including communication and power, the balance of work and family obligations, the impact of social change, and current social policy issues. Three class hours.

Prerequisite: SOC 101

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate an understanding of the historical, cross-cultural and contemporary social trends of family organization.
2. Apply micro and macro level sociological perspectives to learn about the family system in the U.S.
3. Evaluate the influence of social class, race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation on variations in family life and family experience in the U.S. today.
4. Analyze media representations of the contemporary family issues and the role of society in shaping family behavior patterns using sociological research and methodologies.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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