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Student Sustainability Efforts

The Brighton Campus Student Government Association and Phi Theta Kappa have taken the lead in sustainability initiatives. From the Student Government, a position of Campus Environment Coordinator was created numerous years ago to address environmental issues. Other initiatives include on-going efforts to improve recycling on campus including a recycling bin audit which resulted in more bins being placed in classrooms and around the campus.

Research was completed on the placement of a “worm bin” on campus. The students contacted Building Services, Aramark and some Biology faculty members and coordinated efforts to make this concept work. A worm bin will be placed near the greenhouse next year. SGA has adopted a highway in Brighton and cleans up that road 2 – 4 times per year.

Phi Theta Kappa has sustainability efforts as part of their mission. These students work with dining services to find ways to use more organic foods and beverages on campus, and to use more recyclable products in their cups, plates, etc. They collect used books to send to third-world countries. These students also recently planted a vegetable garden at the Child Care Center with the children and staff. The children will learn to take care of the garden and it will provide some of their food.

Both of these student groups sponsor awareness tables to help their peers learn about sustaining the environment and work with the college’s sustainability committee. They have focused on plastic bottles and light bulbs, including a light bulb exchange where the college community could trade their regular light bulbs for more efficient and environmentally friendly bulbs.

To learn more about or to get involved with student initiatives on sustainability, please contact the Campus Center at 292-2534 or the Student Government Association at 292-2546.

Trash Sculpture at Sustainability Day

Trash Sculpture at Sustainability Day