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12/18/2020MCC Featured in MDRC Brief on Equity in Community College CTE Programs
12/18/2017College and Career Exploration at the Downtown Campus
12/11/2019Reorganization of Career and Veteran Services
12/09/2020Economic & Workforce Development Center Releases Healthcare Report
11/21/2019The Importance of Public-Public Workforce Partnerships
11/20/2019EDIWS Convenes Over 100 Industry Professionals on the Future of Work
11/09/2020Passing of Ray E. Mandeville, Father-in-law of James Gertner
11/07/2019Janet Zinck Awarded Outstanding Tourism Educator of the Year
11/04/2019ATHENA Award Finalist
10/31/2019Congratulations, Eboni Henderson and Shameka Martinez
10/19/2017Economic and Workforce Development Division Featured in EMSI Blog
10/17/2019Workforce Symposium: The Future of the Technician Workforce Study
10/13/2020Passing of Alice Bakewicz, Mother-in-law of Christina Bakewicz
10/12/2020Passing of John E. French, Father of Kevin French
10/12/2018Passing of Olga Mandeville, Mother-in-law of James Gertner
10/04/2017Economic and Workforce Development: 2015-17 Impact Report
10/04/2017UPDATE: School of Applied Sciences and Technologies
09/19/2019MCC's Electrical Engineering Technology Program Awarded Accreditation
09/18/2020SPIE's Electro Optics Magazine Publishes Article By Dr. Alexis Vogt
09/12/2019Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation Awards $1.5M to Support the MCC Career Technical Education Pathways Project
09/04/2019Congratulations, Eric Strong
08/23/2018Sheila Manns Appointed as School Specialist, School of Applied Sciences and Technologies
08/23/2017Congratulations Christina Bakewicz.
08/15/2018Dan Raimondo Appointed Director of Campus Events
08/09/2018Passing of Jeremiah (Bob) Robert Maney, Father-in-law of Kevin French
08/06/2020IEEE Photonics Society Technical Skills Educators Award Recipient
07/28/2020MCC Awarded $248,792 to Train Young Adult Reentry Students for CTE Careers
07/25/2019Monroe Community College students can earn college credit for what they already know.
07/21/2020MCC Named Subrecipient of a SUNY Polytechnic Institute/National Science Foundation Grant
07/17/2018A Farewell Gathering for Lomax Campbell
07/11/2018Leading with labor market data - new MCC program based economic impact analysis report released.
06/28/2019Passing of Ruth Teresa O'Connor, Mother of Matthew O'Connor
06/24/2020MCC Nominated to Receive Promising Practice Site Visit in Fall 2020
06/23/2020Congratulations to the EDIWS Retirees
06/18/2019Congratulations, John Troy.
06/11/2019Congratulations to MCC's Newest Certified Toyota Technicians.
05/14/2018Please join me in congratulating Janet Zinck, recently honored as a 2018 Woman of Distinction.
05/09/2019By the Numbers. Tracking Performance and Responding to Results, Improves Outcomes.
05/09/2019Passing of Elizabeth Ryan Dunker, Mother of Jeffrey Dunker
05/09/2018The National Coalition of Advanced Technology Centers to visit MCC.
05/02/2018Dr. Alexis Vogt honored by Digital Rochester.
04/29/2020MCC Economic and Workforce Development Center produces Careers of the Future mini-movie
04/18/2018The Aspen Institute to highlight MCC in upcoming "Workforce Playbook."
03/27/2019MCC Economic and Workforce Development Center launches Certified Nurse Assistant Program
03/11/2020MCC Team Takes Home Grand Prize for DeepRacer Challenge
03/09/2018Congratulations Ann Kuhn.
03/07/2018Join me in congratulating Evelyn Lannak.
02/28/2020Innovative HVAC Program Includes Direct Partnership with Local Businesses to Meet Workforce Needs
02/28/2019Need to Know: It pays to listen to the labor market.
01/23/2018Passing of Mary Raimondo, Mother of Dan Raimondo
01/20/2021EDIWS featured in study of community college programs and student equity.
01/09/2019Congratulations, Dr. Alexis Vogt
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