Academic Advisory Boards

Monroe Community College recognizes that Advisory Boards are crucial to the success of all professional, technical, and transfer programs offered by the College as they aid in the cultivation and maintenance of quality and relevant curricula. Advisory Board functions includes advising on course content development, establishing networks with the service region's business community, and assisting with program review.  

Advisory boards are comprised of MCC faculty and staff, graduates, and external participants representing business and transfer institutions with a stake in the success of our students.  Advisory boards promote partnership between industry and higher education.  Members share best practices and labor market needs to support our regional community.  Advisory Boards also align curriculum across all levels of learning.  Members also partner with the college to offer applied learning opportunities for our students while advancing their own professional needs and the vibrance of our community. 

Board members identify and advise on matters that support equitable labor market outcomes in our community.  We appreciate and celebrate the service of our board members and their institutions.