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General Advisory Board

Because parents are the experts on their own children, we believe their active involvement on this board will help ensure better care.


  • Four parents (one of an infant, one of a 2-year-old, one of a 3-year-old, one of a 4-year-old)
  • A member of the Student Senate
  • The child care center director
  • A child care center staff member
  • A curriculum-oriented MCC faculty member
  • A person from college facilities
  • Two members from the community


To serve in an advisory capacity to the MCC Association Inc., which has decision-making power.


To attend bimonthly meetings and to represent their respective groups in advising on policies, practices, and procedures.

Specific Duties

To recommend policy changes or additions:

  • Recommend fee increases.
  • Recommend program changes and additions.
  • Handle the annual center evaluation by parents.
  • Give input on the center's budget.
  • Plan and manage special events for the center.
  • Help set annual goals for the center.
  • Serve on staff selection committee at the request of the director when deemed necessary.
  • Recruit volunteers.
  • Recommend additions to services that the center offers.
  • Serve as representative to the community and to the general MCC child care center parent population.