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Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program

Photo of students attending a lecture


The Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) is a Legislative Grant funded that is through the New York State Education Department. Its mission is to increase the numbers of students who are historically underrepresented or economically disadvantaged who are pursuing careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Health or Licensed (STEMHL) professions. CSTEP is an academic enrichment and professional development program. CSTEP scholars are focused, committed, and successful in their career pursuit.

Started in 1986, the MCC CSTEP is one of the pioneer programs in New York State. In 2008, it was nationally recognized by the United States Department of Education Office of Vocational and Adult Education as one of the nation's top eight programs. In the state of NY, the MCC CSTEP has received awards and accolades for its excellent programming and student outcomes.

From a pre-freshmen summer bridge program, to conducting scientific research, to participating in internships, to presenting at conferences, CSTEP scholars have opportunities that further develop their skills, increase their knowledge, and broaden their network. Their outcomes are outstanding!

CSTEP's holistic approach and intrusive advisement is well received and welcomed by students. It creates an environment that is cohesive and nurturing. We say that "We are the CSTEP family, and family takes care of family."

Below are some examples of the CSTEP services.

  • Academic Enrichment (Tutoring, Test-Reviews, Group Sessions)
  • Workshops and Forums
  • Individualized or Group Advisement Sessions
  • Visits to 4-year Colleges/Universities
  • Transfer Support
  • References for jobs/internships
  • Assistance with Internship or Research Placement
  • Mentoring
  • Networking
  • Access to CSTEP's Natural Science Education Center (NSEC)

I have been with the MCC CSTEP for over 20 years! During this time, I have seen students overcome many obstacles, achieve milestones, reach goals, enter their careers, and start new journeys. I've been blessed to be a part of their lives, just as they have been part of mine. CSTEP Really Works!

Think you can be a CSTEP Scholar? Email Brittany Graham, CSTEP Secretary, or call her at (585) 292-2596 for more information. You learn more about how to apply on our site.

Joann Santos, CSTEP Director

Contact Information

Brighton Campus
Building 9, Room 143 (NSEC)
M - F 8:45am - 4:45pm
(585) 292-2596