• The Education Department is located at Downtown campus. Does that mean I have to take all of my classes Downtown?
    No. You can take classes at either campus. However, most classes that are specific to the Education (EDU) program and Early Care and Education (ECE) program are offered at the Downtown Campus. A few sections of some courses are offered at the Brighton campus. Therefore, you will likely be taking most of your core classes Downtown, which does have its advantages.
  • Do I need C's or better in all courses in order to transfer those courses?
    Yes, for most four year colleges.
  • How do I get to the Downtown Campus? How do I get from one campus to the other? Where do I park?
    View directions & parking information

Early Care & Education Students

  • What is Early Care and Education?
    The Early Care and Education program provides preparation for successful placement working with the birth through early school-age population. The programs offered at MCC offer a fluid and flexible approach for individuals pursuing CDA (Child Development Associate) coursework, Early Care certificate, as well as a direct pathway to complete an AAS Associate's Degree in Child Care Practitioner studies.

Teacher Education Students

  • Will all my credits transfer?
    We work closely with the MCC Career Center as well as our partnership 4 year colleges in order to make your transition as smooth as possible. All the 4 year colleges have a minimum credit load they will accept from community colleges. For instance, St. John Fisher College will accept a total of 66 credits from MCC.  If you follow our degree audit for your program along with the 2+2 guide, all your courses should transfer to the college of your choice provided you received a C or better.
  • Do I need to take a foreign language? I took a lot in high school.
    Students enrolled in MCC's Education programs must complete 6 credits of the same foreign language to complete the program.  Many students come to MCC with years of experience in a foreign language.  Your high school credits may be enough to satisfy our requirement and the requirements of the 4 year college you plan to attend.  Each college is different.  It is very important to review this with an Education advisor.
  • Should I keep all my education coursework material?
    YES! When you are ready to apply for a teaching job, you may need to submit a portfolio. A portfolio highlights your previous professional experience and your future goals. Also included in your portfolio is writing samples, lesson plans you have developed, letters of recommendation and any other materials you acquire which you feel are appropriate to share with potential employers. The four year college you transfer to should assist you with developing your portfolio.
    In addition, some four year colleges require that students submit previous college course syllabi and all related course materials upon your acceptance into the college.
  • Will American Sign Language transfer as a Foreign Language?
    Yes. American Sign Languages satisfies the Foreign Language requirement at most four year colleges. However, this is subject to change. Therefore, check with an Education advisor.
  • Do I need to take a Physical Education course?
    Yes. However, for Education students, you satisfy this requirement by taking a Health Education course (HED 116).  
  • I already have a Bachelor’s degree.  How can I become teacher certified?
    Contact a certification officer to review your transcripts. Your local Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) often has staff who can assist you with this.
  • When do I start looking at four year schools to transfer to?
    After your first year at MCC some of the classes you are required to take depend upon the four year schools you are interested in applying to. Knowing your top two choices of four year schools before you register for third semester classes will help to ensure that you take those that will transfer to the four year college of your choice.
  • When do I apply to the four year college(s)?
    In general, you want to start the application process at the beginning of your second to last semester at MCC. The application process is demanding and competitive. Be sure to allow yourself ample time to gather and submit your application materials.
    When you are ready to apply to a four year school, contact that particular school directly. Be sure to indicate your interest in pursuing a teaching degree. Some schools have TWO applications to their college, one to the general college and one to teaching program.
    You may also want to consult with an Education advisor to be sure that you have met the four year college’s teaching program GPA requirement (which is often higher than that of the general college). In addition, some colleges prefer that you take particular classes at MCC before you apply.
  • What is a 2+2 program?  How can this be helpful to me?
    The 2+2 program is an agreement between MCC and the 4 year college for certain programs only, that allows MCC representatives to make the admissions decision for both MCC and the 4 year college simultaneously.  The benefit to doing this is that the transfer acceptance is pre-determined; as long as the student meets all the criteria specified, their acceptance is guaranteed.
    A student can be accepted into a 2+2 upon entering MCC or later through a program change, provided they meet the necessary requirements.
  • I am not officially in the 2+2 program. Can I still use the 2+2 degree transfer pathway guides to determine which classes I should take while at MCC?
    Absolutely. Regardless of whether or not you are in an official 2+2 program, advisors use the 2+2 degree transfer pathway guides when helping students select classes, ensuring a greater possibility that the classes you take will transfer to the four year college.
  • I'm in the Adolescence program.  Should I choose Math 150 as my math course?  What other options do I have?
    To receive your two year Teacher Education degree from MCC, the minimum math course you will need to take is Math 150. However, only taking Math 150 may not be the best option for some students.
    For example, if Math is your subject concentration, then you will be required to take multiple math classes, many of which are at a higher level than Math 150.
    Other students may be required to take additional Math, regardless of their subject concentration, once they transfer to their four year college. If this is the case, there is most likely another Math course, other than Math 150, that will better suit your academic goals.
    Contact an Education advisor for further assistance in choosing the correct course.
  • What is the minimum GPA I should make as my goal in order to go to any of the partner schools?
    To have the greatest chance of being accepted to your four year college, your GPA should be a 3.0 or higher. Other schools accept a minimum of a 2.7.
    We recognize that life situations may arise while you are at MCC, compromising your education and jeopardizing your GPA. If you have been at MCC for 2 years and your GPA does not meet these requirements, meet with an Education advisor. There are often other four year college admission options available to you.
  • I plan on transferring to a college that is NOT on your list of partner schools. How do I choose classes?
    You should work closely with an Education advisor to assist you with choosing classes. At your first meeting with the advisor, be prepared to bring information about the school you have chosen. This information should highlight entrance requirements for the four year college, a description of the Education program, as well as, classes that they offer Education students. The web will be a good source for you to find this information. Of course, an Education advisor would be happy to assist you with obtaining this information as well.
    Once we have gathered enough information, you and the advisor will choose classes to take at MCC accordingly. Efforts will be made to select classes that will transfer to the four year college, however, this cannot be guaranteed.
  • What are NYS Teacher Education certification requirements?
    Refer to the NYS Department of Education web site
    It would be in your best interest to frequently refer to this web site, as requirements can change.