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The purpose of the English/Philosophy Department at Monroe Community College is to develop accurate and insightful readers, critical and creative thinkers, informed and skillful writers, and influential and empathic individuals in their local and global communities.

Our department is one of the largest and most diverse departments on campus. English and Philosophy not only serves students who major in these fields, but all of the college community. Our department offers courses in English and Philosophy which will fulfill requirements in Humanities, Social Science, English, Literature, and Natural Science. Our focus is on critical reading, analytical reasoning, and lucid writing.

This website will offer you the opportunity to explore our courses, discover our special programs, read about recent achievements, and keep current on English and Philosophy Department events.

Featured Course and Program

ENG 101
A course emphasizing college-level, source-based writing (summary, analysis, synthesis, research), with special attention to critical reading and thinking skills. Students will draft, revise, and edit multiple thesis-driven essays. They will also study and practice argument and persuasion. (ENG 101 or ENG 200 satisfy the composition requirement for graduation.) Three class hours. (SUNY-BC) Course offered Fall and Spring. Prerequisite(s): Waiver of accuplacer reading and sentence level tests; placement into ENG 101 or ENG 200 (minimum score of 81 on reading test and minimum score of 65 on sentence level test); or completion of TRS 200 with a C or better; or completion of TRS 105 with a C or higher; or completion of ESL 201 with a C or higher, or ENG 200 placement.

Programs of Study:

  • A. A. Degree in Creative Writing: This program of study is designed for students who are interested in cultivating the strong writing skills that writing careers will require. The program includes courses conducive to transferring into a baccalaureate degree in English and/or Creative Writing, while keeping pathways open for baccalaureate degrees that emphasize more professional writing as well. Accordingly, the program is structured so students can (1) deepen their skills through scaffolded coursework and (2) broaden their experience with multiple genres and career pathways. The program culminates in a capstone course that familiarizes students with submission processes, transfer opportunities, and publishing/reading venues both in Rochester and around the country, preparing them for the next stage of their personal/professional lives as writers. 

  • A.A. Degree in English: The English degree program provides students with a variety of literature courses for preparation in careers such as business, communication and media arts, law, the teaching of English, and all careers that require excellent communication and writing skills. The curriculum balances liberal art studies with a heavy concentration on literature, as well as more current theme-based courses, providing analytical and critical thinking skills in order to examine literature as the human experience.

Location & Contacts

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