Student Writing Contest

MCC's 50th Annual Student Writing Contest is sponsored by the English / Philosophy Department. Tuition Credit Prizes of $50 and $100 will be awarded at a Prestigious Awards Event. Winners will be published in MCC's Cabbages & Kings. Entry forms will be distributed by department faculty or by registering with the link below. 


  • Callan Award - A thesis-driven research essay (not to exceed 4,000 words)
  • Rice Award - A creative nonfiction essay (not to exceed 2,000 words)
  • Cooney Award - An essay that analyzes / explicates one or more works of literature (not to exceed 2,000 words)
  • McMurry Award - A thesis-driven essay in philosophy (not to exceed 2,000 words)

Fiction & Poetry

  • Langlois Award - A piece of short fiction (not to exceed 3,000 words)
  • Cloos-Susskind Award - A single poem (not to exceed 60 lines)

Registration & Questions

Submissions are due by Noon, Friday, March 25, 2022. 

Entry Form (PDF) 
For questions, please email Professor James Senden or Professor Patrick Callan.