About Chemistry and Geosciences

Our department offers a range of introductory and advanced courses in Chemistry, Geography, Geology, and Science.  Students may choose to major in Chemistry, Geography, or Geology and pursue their A.S. degree or simply fulfill SUNY and/or MCC Gen Ed requirements for students in any degree path!

Courses within the Chemistry and Geosciences Department contribute to successfully transforming students to critical thinkers, scientific reasoners, and global citizens.  Students interested in understanding why populations are distributed as they are around the world or why geysers erupt in Wyoming and Japan or why their cars rust from salted streets during Rochester winters can get their answers in our courses.

Whether taking one course or pursuing a degree, the faculty and programs of the Chemistry and Geosciences Department are among the best you’ll find anywhere.

Programs Supporting Our Students

  • Chemistry Club
  • Field studies opportunities to local, national, and international sites
  • Geography Awareness Week
  • Mapping Club
  • Learning Centers – Natural Science Education Center (NSEC)

From Our Students to Our Professors

"… I think I want to switch from health sciences to earth science. In my experience, I had an amazing earth science teacher in high school and of course an awesome geography/weather and climate teacher who have both inspired me [at MCC] …."

"My entire experience at MCC has been wonderful. My professors are the best. The contacts I have made are life long, and everyone has such a positive attitude…You are definitely a part of this feeling. When you gave the lecture on Africa, it was captivating. You are an excellent motivational speaker. I appreciated your taking the time to share your experiences with us as well."

"I just wanted to tell you that I got into Cornell a couple weeks ago. I am pretty excited. Your course sealed the deal for me regarding what direction I wanted to head down."