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Geography studies how physical, biological, and human processes shape the landscape in which we live and cause regions to differ from each other. Geography is everything!

Geography is a bridging, integrating, and synthesizing science. We combine our talents with scientists in other disciplines to make a difference as we improve people’s ability to prosper as the land changes. We also use geospatial technology (GIS, Remote Sensing, and GPS) to help solve real-world problems.

The department received a National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education grant, and as a result has developed three new advanced GIST courses, a 9-credit GIST micro-credential, and an A.A.S. in GIST. Grant details are available online.


Earn an A.S. degree in Geography, A.A.S. in GIST, a 24 credit GIST Certificate, and/or a 9 credit  GIST micro-credential. Students can choose one of four concentrations in the A.S. Geography degree: Human, Physical, Regional, or Geospatial Technology.   View a short video to learn more about the GIST Certificate.

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Location & Contacts

Jessica Barone
Department Chair
Brighton Campus
Building 8, Room 214
M-F 8:45am – 4:45pm
(585) 292-2448

Anne McBride
Department Secretary
Brighton Campus
Building 8, Room 210
M-F 8:45am – 4:45pm
(585) 292-2425