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Hotline Reporting

What is the MCC Ethics Hotline?

MCC Ethics Hotline is a comprehensive and confidential reporting tool to assist MCC, MCC Foundation, and MCC Association administrators and employees to work together to address fraud, abuse, and misconduct in the workplace all while cultivating a positive work environment. The hotline allows members of the college community to report using either the internet or telephone directly or via the link on the internal audit homepage.

What type of situations should I report?

MCC Ethics Hotline is a communication tool providing an avenue primarily for reporting possible misconduct relative to financial matters, regulatory compliance, human resources, safety, health & risk matters, data security and information technology, and athletics compliance. A detailed list of issue types is provided via the hotline portal page to facilitate reporting. 

When should I report?

You know what is going on at MCC – both good and bad. If you know of any incidents of misconduct – actual, potential, questionable – consider it your responsibility to yourself and your coworkers to report the incident. Reporting can be made through the MCC Ethics Hotline or through normal lines of communication directly to your manager, security, human resources, legal counsel, or internal audit. The hotline allows reports to be filed anonymously and directed to appropriate management for resolution.