Ethics Hotline

MCC is committed to ensuring that our college community is governed in an ethical and honest manner. The college and its employees have a responsibility to follow the MCC Employees and Visitor Conduct policy that exemplifies the ethics and behavior we expect. Consistent with this responsibility, we have implemented an anonymous communication system, the MCC Ethics Hotline. This system augments existing campus reporting options for financial and compliance related irregularities or concerns. The College also has a Whistleblower Policy to protect those who report.

The Institutional Compliance and Internal Audit office is responsible for verifying the validity of reported occurrences of fraud, embezzlement, theft, waste, noncompliance, etc. along with administering the MCC Ethics Hotline. The hotline is intended to provide the college community with a method to confidentially report activities that maybe unethical or inappropriate in violation of policies, applicable regulations, or contractual obligations. You can report suspected violations via the hotline or through normal lines of communication at MCC.

MCC Ethics Hotline & Phone Number
What is the MCC Ethics Hotline?
What type of situations should I report?
When should I report?
MCC Employee and Visitor Conduct Policy (PDF)
Whistleblower Policy (PDF)