Internal Audit Services

Internal Audit provides independent, objective assurance and advisory services designed to add value and improve the operations of the college community . Audits of finances, operations, and compliance are selected based on risk assessment, management requests, and external audit requirements. Audit services include:

  • Financial Audits - An independent review to determine whether assets are adequately safeguarded, accounting is within professional standards, adequate procedures and related controls exist, and financial statements are reliable.
  • Operational - An independent review to determine whether operations are effective and efficient including meeting an adequate level of performance and service.
  • Compliance - An independent review to determine whether the College is adhering to applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations, guidelines, and program requirements.

The audit is an independent review accomplished through interviews, data analysis, compliance testing, evaluating process and related controls, benchmarking, and collecting other evidence. At the completion of the audit a report is prepared and shared with the area audited and applicable MCC administration. The report identifies strengths, challenges, areas needing improvement along with recommendations to enhance operations.

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