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Our Mission

paralegal and judge reviewing evidence

The mission of the Paralegal Studies Progam is to present a paralegal studies program primarily for post-graduate students whcih complies with the American Bar Association (ABA) Guidelines for Program Approval, and:

  • Graduates students with a broad understanding of legal concepts and their practical application
  • Develops analytical thinking paired with the communication and technological skills that will allow our graduates to become ethical, competant paralegals in the workplace
  • Encourages our graduates to participate in pro bono activities

MCC's Paralegal Studies Certificate is offered at the College's Downtown Campus. Classes meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings over a 15-month period, starting every Fall. The Downtown Campus is minutes from the Appelate Division Law Library for the New York State Court System, which is available to the paralegal students. Students also have acccess to computerized research.