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To submit a request for travel or other professional development funds, follow the guidelines below.

Before the conference

  • Complete the Prior Approval Travel Request form. Paper copies can also be found in the Mathematics Department Office. (Sample)
  • Gather supporting documentation: paperwork showing how much each expense (airfare, hotel, mileage, tolls, registration) will be, plus detailed information about the conference or event.
    • Mapquest - for mileage calculation - from MCC on weekdays, (optional) or from home on weekends
    • Thruway Tolls Calculator
    • Using DePrez, the college's travel agent:

      • Call DePrez (585) 442-8900, Ext 3 for Corporate Travel
      • Make a reservation - Use that estimate to fill in your Prior Approval. Note that if you have a online quote DePrez will usually match it or come close.
      • Once you have your trip ID you can confirm your booking.

      Why use DePrez? Free ticket insurance. If you cannot make your flight for any reason you are not held responsible for the ticket money. Also let the departmental PDC know if you are using DePrez so we can expedite the approval of your Travel request to get you your trip ID fast.

  • Make 3 copies of the form and supporting documentation. Submit the original and copies to the chair of the professional development committee.
  • When you receive a copy of the form back from the Controller's Office, give a photocopy to the department secretary.

At the conference

  • Keep a receipt of expenses incurred at the conference, including registration, lodging, parking, thruway expenses, etc. You do not have to keep receipts for food, since meals are covered by the per diem agreement.

After the conference

  • Fill out a Travel and Conference Expense Report (Sample) for travel outside Monroe and contiguous counties, or a Local Mileage Form (Sample) for one day trips within Monroe and contiguous counties.
  • If your expenses exceed the prior approved amount, then you have to get the expense report approved by the department chair. Otherwise, you do not need chair's approval.
  • Submit the Travel and Conference Expense Report or the Local Mileage Form, all original receipts collected at the conference, and a copy of your approved prior approval form to the Controller's Office within 10 days of your return. Delays will jeopardize your reimbursement.

Membership dues

  • NYSMATYC and AMATYC membership dues will be handled in one group application. The Mathematics Department Secretary will send out a request via email for all those interested.  For other memberships requests, please fill out the non-travel professional development request form.