Our Philosophy

Philosophy of Nursing

The nursing faculty of Monroe Community College believes that nursing is a caring, holistic, patient centered profession. Nursing is guided by science, theory, evidence based practice, a code of ethics, and the art of caring to treat human responses to health and illness in diverse environments. The practice of nursing promotes, maintains, and restores the health and safety of individuals, families, and communities.

The faculty believes people are dynamic, diverse beings who continuously interact with their environment in unique ways. We recognize that all people have Basic Needs which they strive to satisfy and toward which their behavior is directed. The ability to meet Basic Needs is affected by a variety of physical, psychosocial, and environmental factors.

The faculty believes that nursing education is the process that prepares the student to participate in the safe practice of quality nursing. It is based on teaching strategies that foster critical thinking and promote awareness of social and cultural diversity among individuals. The faculty endeavors to provide an environment that assists students to realize their full potential. Students assume primary responsibility for learning, while faculty provides educational opportunities for the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and attitudes toward Professional Identity development. We believe that an atmosphere of shared inquiry maximizes the potential for excellence, growth, and lifelong learning.

The faculty believes that Basic Needs and Human Flourishing of patients are addressed through application of the Nursing Process. The Nursing Process provides a structure for Nursing Judgment and a critical thinking framework for excellence in nursing education and practice. The graduate nurse demonstrates competence and integrity in practice by assisting with Human Flourishing, utilizing Nursing Judgment, integrating an evolving Professional Identity, and committing to a lifelong Spirit of Inquiry.