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Office of the President

Past president portraits in the Board Room

A Welcome Message from the Interim President.

Katherine P. Douglas
Katherine P. Douglas Interim President

Welcome to Monroe Community College. We are so glad you are here.

From the moment you connect with MCC, our goal is to inspire you. Whether you are eager to explore certificate and degree options, looking to advance in or change your career, or are a lifelong learner, MCC is a great place to start.

At the heart of MCC are students, like you, who are motivated to pursue their dreams and dedicated and caring faculty who will guide you along your unique pathway to success.

Chances are you have already met MCC alumni working throughout our community. MCC alumni are business and community leaders, doctors, teachers, nurses and lawyers. They are auto mechanics, police officers, engineers, social workers, artists, and musicians. If you truly want to be inspired, be sure to ask our alumni about their MCC experience and how the College opened doors for them and their families.

Thank you for giving MCC the opportunity to serve you. We hope your experience is both rewarding and life-changing.

Contact Information

Brighton Campus
Building 1, Room 321
Mon - Fri  8:45am - 4:45pm
(585) 292-2100
Fax: (585) 292-3870


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