Tutorials, Coursework, and Demonstrations

  • MIT OpenCourseWare – MIT's OpenCourseWare offered an introductory psychology course in fall, 2011, and its archive is available here.

  • ePsych – E-psych is an unusual site with lots of information and demonstrations on many areas of psychology.

  • Stanford Prison Experiment – The Stanford Prison Experiment was conducted by Phil Zimbardo in 1971, and it taught us a lot about how people respond to social forces. This site walks you through the experiment, what happened, and what we learned.

  • Psybersite – Psybersite is a collection of interesting tutorials, games, and demonstrations relating to various aspects of perception and cognition.

  • Understanding Prejudice – The Understanding Prejudice site offers a variety of ways to test yourself for hidden biases.

  • Exploratorium – A really neat Memory Exhibition lets you experience lots of demonstrations and information regarding memory and forgetting.

  • JRank Encyclopedia – JRank's psychology encyclopedia.

National Organizations

  • American Psychological Association (APA) – The American Psychological Association is the premier professional organization for psychologists in both scientific and clinical areas. The site also provides information for the general public.

  • American Psychological Society (APS) – The American Psychological Society is primarily for those interested in scientific research in psychology, rather than those professionals practicing in mental health fields.

  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) – The National Alliance on Mental Illness is an organization dedicated to the welfare of victims of psychological disorder and their families and friends.

Guidelines for Writing APA Format Papers

Research Tools

Psychology Departments at Area Colleges

  • Psychology at Brockport – SUNY Brockport has a strong psychology major designed to prepare students for graduate work in a variety of career fields.

  • Psychology at Geneseo – SUNY Geneseo has a large and diverse Psychology Department that can lead to a variety of graduate degrees and career options.

  • Psychology at Nazareth – The Nazareth College Psychology Department provides a strong scientific grounding in the field that can lead to further graduate study in Psychology.

  • Psychology at Roberts Wesleyan – Roberts Wesleyan College Psychology Department addresses both the research and the service sides of the field, with an emphasis on integrating psychology with the Christian religion.

  • Psychology at RIT – The Rochester Institute of Technology Psychology Department offers a variety of undergraduate and undergraduate degrees.

  • Psychology at St. John Fisher – St. John Fisher College offers an undergraduate psychology program in a Catholic liberal arts college.

  • Brain and Cognitive Sciences at UR – The University of Rochester Brain and Cognitive Sciences Department is focused on research into how the brain functions and how we understand the world around us.

  • Clinical and Social Sciences at UR – The University of Rochester Department of Clinical and Social Psychology offers research training leading to a Ph.D. degree in three areas of specialization: Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and Social-Personality Psychology.