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Pioneer Hall

looking up at Pioneer Hall from the ground

Established in 1961 as a unit of the State University of New York, MCC was a vision shared by a handful of prominent local business people, Monroe County Manager Gordon A. Howe and the Monroe County Board of Supervisors. The time was right for Monroe Community College. A publicly funded two-year institution in their own community offered exciting new opportunities for growth.

The first Board of Trustees, a powerhouse of Rochester’s finest in medicine, business, education and law, was appointed by the Board of Supervisors and the Governor of New York. In the early months of 1962, the Board of Trustees hired Dr. Leroy V. Good as MCC’s founding president. Good, a pioneer in successfully establishing community colleges in three other states, would make his mark in Rochester as well.

Building Information

  • Number of Residents:  Co-Ed building with 137 Residents
  • Room Configuration:  

    • 28 four person suites (Singles)
    • 5 five person suites (Doubles)

  • Number of Floors:  3 floors
  • Laundry:  Coin/card operated machines located on the 1st floor
  • Common Area:  Located on the 1st floor

    • Cable TV
    • 24 hour free pool table
    • Vending machines
    • Study area

  • Mailboxes:  Located on the 1st floor
  • Garbage/Recycle Room:  Located on the 1st floor
  • Security/Staff:

    • Front Door Security

      • Daily 6pm - 6am

    • Staff:  Resident Director, 3 Resident Assistants

  • Other

    • Elevator
    • Non-Smoking
    • Dry/Substance free building